VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis celebrated a surprising Maundy Thursday Mass with the cardinal he fired last year and made an extraordinary gesture to Cardinal Angelo Becciu by celebrating the liturgy that began with his apostles before his crucifixion on the last Jesus’ Lord’s Supper is remembered

The news of the celebration in Beccius ‘private chapel was confirmed by Beccius’ private secretary. In addition, a longtime friend who was in contact with Becciu after the Pope’s visit said the cardinal was “very pleased” with the meeting. A Vatican official said he could not confirm Francis’ private initiative, but added that “such a gesture of fatherhood does not seem strange on a day like today, Maundy Thursday”

The visit had enormous symbolic weight and could indicate that Francis came to the realization that he had made a mistake in handling the Becciu dossier. Francis has long praised Maundy Thursday service as a ritual of repentance and worship

Francis forced Beccius’ resignation on Dec. September, apparently based on allegations contained in an article yet to be published in the Italian news magazine l’Espresso that Becciu 100Had sent 000 euros in Holy See funds to a diocese-controlled charity by his brother

Becciu admitted he sent the money to the charity – not his brother – and told reporters he had done nothing wrong The money never left the diocese’s bank account

Becciu was No. 2 in the Vatican State Secretariat at the time and had full authority to manage the Ministry’s extensive portfolio of assets, including use for charitable donations

Becciu has filed a 10 million euro defamation lawsuit against L’Espresso, invoking his report and months of other harmful articles, citing unnamed Vatican prosecutors, ruining his reputation and his chances of becoming Pope be, has destroyed

Francis was able to celebrate the service with Becciu after his participation in the official Maundy Thursday mass of the Vatican in St St. Peter’s Basilica, which is instead delegated to the Dean of the College of Cardinals

The Vatican has never explained why Francis skipped official service. Francis has traditionally traveled to a prison or refugee center for Maundy Thursday service, which usually includes a feet washing ritual to symbolize Jesus’ willingness to serve others

Since Beccius’ fall, the conduct of Vatican law enforcement agencies investigating a wide variety of allegedly corrupt financial deals has come under increasing criticism.They have suffered a number of defeats in foreign court judgments that their searches were unlawful, their arrest warrants were unenforceable and their petitions on asset seizures were “appalling” full of misrepresentations and omissions

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