Ed Note: Simcoe Muskoka will be relocated to the Gray Lockdown Zone in Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework from March 1, 2021, which includes the following actions:

A message from the Ontario Government: Ontario is putting the emergency brakes on at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

The Government of Ontario, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, is moving nine public health regions to new levels under the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework (the “Framework”) This includes activating an “emergency brake” in the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to relocate the regions to Gray Lockdown to immediately interrupt the transmission and curb the spread in the community. Decisions were made in consultation met with local health officials and based on trends in public health indicators as well as local contexts and conditions

“As the number of cases and other public health indicators continues to decline in many regions of the province, recent modeling shows us that we need to be nimble and take additional measures to protect Ontarians and stop the spread COVID-19, ”said Christine Elliott, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health,“ As variants of COVID-19 continue to spread in our communities, it is vital that everyone continues to strictly adhere to all public health and safety at work measures to contain the virus and maintain the advances made so far ”

Based on the most recent data, the following public health regions will be updated effective Monday April 1st March 2021, at 12:01 p.m., change from its current status in the frame to the following status:

Based on the latest data assessment, the “Emergency Brake” will be used to put the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit in Gray lockdown to halt the spread of the virus and improve public health and health Protect system capacity in the regions This is due to a rapid deterioration in the main public health indicators, as well as a high presence of variants in the Simcoe Muskoka district health unit, which continues to grow – the highest in the province In February 2021 there were a total of 170 confirmed cases of a worrying variant in this region

In Peel Public Health, Toronto Public Health and North Bay Parry Sound District, the shutdown measures and stay-at-home regulation will apply until at least Monday the 8th March 2021, and final decisions must be made on key public health indicators and consultation of local health authorities All other public health regions remain at their current levels Please visit Ontarioca / covidresponse for the full list of classifications of public health regions

Based on the latest model data, Ontarians are working to follow public health policies and advice to reduce the number of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations across the province, but as worrying variants continue to spread, the number may of patients in need of hospitalization and critical care will rise again if public health measures are not carefully and gradually relaxed.Action by everyone in the coming weeks will be crucial to sustaining the advances made by communities across the province have achieved so far

“The rapid implementation of stricter measures to halt the transmission of COVID-19 is a key component of the government’s plan to safely and gradually reintegrate public health regions,” said Dr David Williams, Chief Medical Officer for Health “Given the data and the local context and conditions in the Simcoe Muskoka and Thunder Bay districts, it was necessary to step up public health measures in these areas to ensure the health and safety of the ensure entire region and stop the virus from spreading ”

The Chief Medical Officer of Health will continue to consult with public health and other experts, review data, and advise the government on the appropriate and effective measures needed to protect the health of Ontarians

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The health unit reported 275 cases last week, with the majority in Barrie and South Simcoe
This week, Health Unit reported 169 again, most of them are in Barrie and South Simcoe
DR Gardner told the media earlier this week that he would be calling for a lockdown as the numbers were on the up
The actual numbers went down significantly (106 cases lower) Dr Gardner suspended Muskoka again because of the numbers from Barrie and South Simcoe
People are fed up with this stupidity
What is the specific plan for Muskoka? What does the Regional Medical Officer of Health use as a benchmark to tell Muskoka citizens that he is doing a “good job” and is meeting his plan for the Muskoka Specific Benchmarks?
It seems that we are subject to the whims of an unaccountable bureaucrat who chooses to imprison everyone
I am afraid Dr. Gardner has lost public confidence

This is just crazy, go to red and then back to gray are you intentionally trying to put every business in Muskoka out of business or are you just trying to drive you crazy? If you want to lock things up here, keep all the people from the south from coming here, and prevent international air traffic from landing in Canada, it seems to me that you are just playing around with doing a lot of anything and trying to do it that way Make them look like they care if they just take care of themselves You are sure not to give up your income for a few months, you bet

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World News – CA – Simcoe Muskoka is moving with effect from 1 March into the Gray Lockdown Zone – Huntsville Doppler

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