You may have heard of this recently, but Clubhouse is actually celebrating its one year anniversary this week

The audio social app, which has suddenly grown in popularity as people search for new ways to socialize amid the pandemic, is still in invite-only mode and is only available for iOS (for now) However, according to new data from app analytics provider App Annie, Clubhouse is fast approaching 13 million downloads, nearly a third of which are in the US

“Clubhouse will open on 17 March 2021 1 – the app was launched on 14 Officially launched on the iOS App Store on September 9th, 2020 and just 6 months later saw 12 7 million downloads worldwide, with the US, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Russia having the largest footprint It’s especially impressive to see this success with invite-only access which is limited to iOS, and has caught the attention of other publishers – especially in the social media space like Twitter and ByteDance “

Twitter is of course working on its own variant of the same in Spaces, which is expected to be Clubhouse’s biggest challenger. Facebook is also working on an audio-only version of its Messenger Rooms feature, which could become significantly more prominent when it is then on Facebook -Groups Engaged Given that, there is some uncertainty about Clubhouse’s long-term viability, but its chance is there, it could become a more meaningful platform, especially if it can forge strong connections with its top broadcasters and creators

With that in mind, Clubhouse announced this week a new “Creator First Accelerator” program whereby the app will provide funding and expertise to a select group of developers to help them build their audiences and their clubhouse efforts To monetize the clubhouse will ensure that those who participate in the program have at least 5Generating $ 000 a month from the app – and if it can get the right votes and engage their audience and keep those creators from broadcasting elsewhere, that’s going to be a big step

That will be a key challenge – but aside from customer loyalty and growth, it’s also interesting to see where Clubhouse is gaining momentum App Annie’s data shows the total number of iOS downloads as follows:

America is clearly the core base of the app, but Japan also appears to offer significant opportunities, with Brazil and Malaysia also being high-growth regions with strong adoption

It’s also worth noting that Twitter is hugely popular in Japan as well, which could pose similar space-occupancy challenges, but the fact that the clubhouse is gaining traction around the world is positive – and that too is still to be seen in the phase in which only invitations are possible

There’s still a lot to be done in the audio social race, and it will be interesting to see where those numbers stand in a year. Will Clubhouse still be a thing then – or will the bigger players at some point slow its growth and? stifle it by bringing their replication capabilities into their massive user communities?

The clubhouse’s growth so far has been impressive, but the next steps will be critical, and it will be interesting to see where it goes as the platform opens up to more people

Clubhouse is the trending social app right now – but is it a viable channel for brands?

Clubhouse is the trending social app right now – but is it a viable channel for brands?


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