Clubhouse was the new rage in social media, and if you’ve followed the hype of late, you probably know about the iOS-only app that has people in different “clubs” / rooms can gather together and have voice conversations with one another

Well, Clubhouse is very popular right now – reminiscent of the fame Houseparty got around the same time last year – and it looks like Discord is keen to join in too, according to a post on Reddit (via XDA Developers) One user claims to have got beta access to a new feature on Discord that sounds a lot like clubhouse called Stage Channel and according to the description it is intended for a larger audience where only select users can speak At the same time, however, participants can also submit a request to participate in the conversation

Why does this sound familiar to you? That’s because it sounds almost exactly like clubhouse, and Discord’s interest shouldn’t really surprise as they’re not alone, Twitter is working on its own version called Spaces, and it is said on the street that Facebook is investigating something similar as well >

The report indicates that the feature is likely still being worked on This comes as no big surprise as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and several other platforms are also working on competing services

If you’re an avid Discord user and want to try Stage Channels in front of others, you can head over to Discord’s official website and download the company’s public test builds for an early version of the feature. that you won’t be able to use it until all of the underlying code is in place – and until Discord officially enables the feature, so you may have to wait awhile

Now, Discord is already very popular with gamers and is more of a chat app than a social media network So we’re not sure if it would have the same traction as Twitter or Facebook, but we assume we’ll have to wait and see
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