Italian Federico Pellegrino kept his recent hot run in shape by taking the off-road sprint victory at the first event of the Tour de Ski 2021 in Val Mustair

The 30-year-old Olympic silver medalist came to Switzerland after winning 21 gold medals at the FIS Cross-Country World Championships in Davos and Dresden in 2020, and in the new year experienced his third sprint triumph in a row Series

After Pellegrino had signaled his intention to fame with strong performances on the way to the final, he stormed to first place44 in a time of 3:08, ahead of the overall winner of the World Cup, Alexander Bolshunov from Russia, in second place and the French Richard Jouve in third place

Pellegrino said: “After Davos and Dresden I put myself under a lot of pressure because I wanted to keep winning and knew that I had a good opportunity to come back here”

“The track was tough and the race was tough, but I worked a lot on the tactics for the finale and I think the win proves it paid off

“Now I have to recover as much as possible and try to continue this triumphant advance”

The British James Clugnet and Andrew Musgrave took 16 or 21st Place after failing to reach the quarter-finals

While Pellegrino will try to get a better grip on the sprint leader’s red bib later this month, attention will now be focused on the second Tour de Ski event, the 15km mass start at the same location on Saturday / p>

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