Irina Shayk kept it nervous on her last stroll through cool New York City on Tuesday

The 35-year-old supermodel put on her coolest red and black leather jacket for the hike outdoors and paired the stylish product with light wash jeans and a pair of white boots

The Versace model braved the snow-covered streets to run errands in a matching black face cover to protect against COVID-19

The fashionista stayed warm with a black hoodie under her jacket and kept her hair pulled back in a bun to keep it from getting in her face in the midst of the winter breeze

Irina completed the look with a small black leather handbag, black sunglasses and a necklace for the solo stroll

The Russian beauty, who shares her three-year-old daughter with ex-fiancé Bradley Cooper, recently told Vogue that she experimented with her street style while in quarantine

She said, “In my normal life, I never got dressed because I was all about comfort. We used to go to big events and parties with makeup and get dressed. Now I think I enjoyed those fun moments miss so i decided i can have fun with a street style ‘

The Sports Illustrated model also noted that adding a pop of color to her wardrobe changes her mood

She added, “I had so many different pieces in my closet years ago when I didn’t know what to wear I was wearing something plain and black. Now I thought it was time to add a splash of color to my wardrobe.” Applying some paint will take your mood to another level ‘

Irina was recently spotted wearing numerous brightly colored coats on her city trips, including a walk where her daughter Lea was wrapped in a golden yellow coat in a stroller last week

The siren was also seen wearing tiger-printed and striped clothing running errands earlier this month

Her most notable product to date is the Instagram-famous 24-karat gold leaf anti-wrinkle mask that the model used on her own social media accounts

The skincare expert is a close friend of Irina and the couple have teamed up for a 24-carat Pure Gold lip treatment and an Epic Lush Lip Mask

“If my skin is to look good, Mimi Luzon is the only beautician I would trust my complexion to,” said Irina

The beauty icon had no access to luxury skin care products who grew up in the small southwestern town of Jemanzhelinsk, Russia Her mother therefore taught her to use what was in the refrigerator to improve her complexion

She told Vogue, “I didn’t start using creams and other things until I was 19 or 20, and I started modeling

‘We used to have no real access to creams and other things like we’d use stuff from the fridges like a cucumber mask to moisturize or something I remember when my mom cooked with coconut oil and put it on her skin too, so she used everything what she cooked with ‘


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