Laura Amy went on Saturday the 20th February, on Instagram to upload a tantalizing picture of her flashing serious skin while smoking hot mirror selfie that made her fans drool The Australian model rocked a neon green two-piece swimsuit that allowed her to flaunt her fortune and killer figure

Laura has always been one to flaunt her body’s own curves and she has never been shy about doing so Fans from all over the world visit her page daily to see her latest rapid updates Check out her latest bikini below -Snapshot at

The brunette bombshell showed off her curves in a sexy bikini set that complemented her tan From the point of view, the top had tiny cups that only covered the necessary parts, flaunting her underbust and side breasts, floss-like straps propped up the piece, but her luscious breasts stretched upwards

She wore a pair of sparse bottoms with a cut that accented her tight body.Like the top garment, the thong had straps that stuck to her waist and highlighted her hips. The high leg cuts exposed a lot of skin, as did the back. p>

In the cheeky snapshot, Laura was in a room with white walls. She posed in her bathing suit in front of a mirror. The hot woman was standing on her side with most of her back pointed towards the mirror. She was holding her cell phone in her left hand and pushed the mobile device away from her body to take the picture

Her thighs were apart and the posture helped accentuate her pert derriere. Sunlight penetrated the place through the nearby glass window, enveloping Laura’s skin and making it glow

Laura likes to take selfies, especially when she wears a skimpy outfit.In particular, most of the photos on her Instagram page were taken by herself.While she usually takes snapshots at her house, she also visits hotels for a stay and posts content there / p>

Laura wore a chunky gold bangle as the only accessory.She also had her long nails painted in a light varnish.The baby left her long brunette hair untied and styled in sleek, straight strands that fell onto her back

Laura paired the picture with a short caption mentioning the hot selfie session, and she also added a camera emoji relevant to her share

The tantalizing image turned out to be popular with her social media audience. Less than an hour after posting, the snap has more than 3300 Likes and 120+ Comments Collected Many of her avid online supporters left in the comments to praise her gorgeous facial features and fantastic figure, and to shower her with compliments and a mix of emoji


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