In the version of the Suez crisis of the 21st As early as the 20th century, ships have now diverted themselves and sailed around the Cape of Good Hope as shipping grapples with the full effects of a blocked key choke point in global trade

Efforts to make the 20th388 teu Ever Given, which currently spans Asia and Africa with its bow on the east bank of the canal, has so far failed. Tugs attempted to move the ship in the first 24 hours after it had raced across the waterway of the ship while three dredgers have arrived and are working on the port side of the huge, 399 m long, evergreen operated ship

The CEO of the parent company of one of the salvage teams working on Ever Given warned earlier this week that the operation could take weeks

Authorities say the spring tide expected on Sunday and Monday will add 46 cm to the water’s depth, and they have high hopes that this will be enough to move the fully loaded, Japan-built ship

According to Sharaf Shipping Agency, 71 ships were waiting to transit north and 79 to transit south in the Suez Canal yesterday. Some more distant ships are taking evasive action

The Ever Greet, also operated by Evergreen, and the Hyundai Prestige were the first two boxing ships reported to have changed course, heading to the tip of southern Africa rather than the Suez Canal, with HMM Rotterdam following today and made a U-turn around Gibraltar

According to the planned schedules pursued by IHS Markit, 49 container ships with an estimated 407 should in the seven days starting Tuesday that Ever Given ran aground500 TEU pass the Suez Canal in both directions

Ships have started to steer away from the Suez Canal, interesting that Evergreen called for it … https: // tco / GnyCjC0rR7

Braemar ACM has tracked four bulk carriers turning and heading back into the Indian Ocean, while two LNG carriers in the mid-Atlantic also appear to have changed course Brokers Simpson Spence Young (SSY) are now reporting that tanker Ask charterers about travel options with routes across the Cape of Good Hope and the Suez Canal

The rerouting around the Cape of Good Hope adds 3 to the trip800 miles and extends sailing time by up to 12 days

According to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), an estimated 12% of world trade is transacted via the Suez Canal, which accounts for more than 1 billion a year Tons of goods

Guy Platten, General Secretary of the ICS, commented on Ever Given yesterday: “Hundreds of other ships are also affected The damage being done to the global supply chain will be significant”

In the tanker sector, Suezmaxe and LR2 and LR1 rates tend to be higher due to the blockade This could spread to other segments if the box ship marked under Panama is not moved soon

Claire Grierson, Senior Director of Tanker Research at SSY, commented, “If the canal disruption continues, the diversion of tankers around the Cape of Good Hope will significantly increase travel times and rebuild supplies to and affect some regions Increase freight rates at a time when many tanker segments have had problems. When replacement ships are needed, this also leads to an increase in rates ”

In LNG, Braemar ACM has tracked 15 LNG carriers directly affected by the canal’s growl, while 54 bulk carriers are currently waiting on either side of the main waterway

The Panama Maritime Authority announced yesterday that Ever Given, owned by Japanese Shoei Kisen, was suffering from engine problems early Tuesday morning that impaired maneuverability and led to the accident The ship’s owner, operator and manager have repeatedly denied this and insisted that the ship turned naturally due to strong winds

The ship operator Evergreen said in a press release yesterday: “Before the ship landed, there was no power failure that led to a power failure”

The ship’s Japanese owner, Shoei Kisen, said today he hopes to free the ship on Saturday. “We are now continuing to work on removing sediments with additional dredging tools,” said Shoei Kisen, a subsidiary of Imabari Shipbuilding, Japan’s largest shipbuilder run by the Higaki family

“I apologize for causing major problems and concerns,” said Yukito Higaki, president of Shoei Kisen, today

Ever Given manager Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) issued an update yesterday, noting, “The focus is now on dredging to remove sand and mud from the port side of the ship’s bow”

In addition to the dredgers that are already on site, there is now a special suction dredger in the ship000 cubic meters of material can move

According to the insurer Allianz, at 25 in the last 10 years, earthing is the most common cause of ship accidents in the Die 199 Canal629 dwt Ever Given is by far the largest ship to land on this important trading artery Where the ship landed only between 60 and 70% of the left side of the canal it is deeply dredged, suggesting that not just the bow of the Ever Given is hard on the bottom, but up to a third – or 133 m – the fully loaded ship

Splash will be posting regular updates on the process to remove the ever given over the weekend

All of those #EverGiven posts about “just dig the arch” don’t know exactly how grounded it is.This topographic map from https: // tco / SQKfer6bZs shows that the dredged shipping route is only the left 2/3 of the canal I suspect the front third of the ship is aground ImageTwittercom / iPyekxnSz9

Hey media: The cross-section of the #SuezCanal is NOT symmetrical The actual cross-section can be found near km 151 eG here: https: // tco / EZyEo8Ofuq The right (east) side of the canal is flat, which means that the #Evergiven is stuck pretty well #SuezBLOCKED # evergreen imageTwittercom / CpjlYYEauH

At some point will they not try to unload some of their cargo to lighten their payload?

So …… “The Panama Maritime Authority announced yesterday that the Ever Given was suffering from machine problems early Tuesday morning, which impaired maneuverability and led to the accident The ship’s owner, operator and manager have repeatedly denied this, insisting that the ship has gone off course due to strong winds. ”The Panama Maritime Authority? How did you get there?

The ship operator Evergreen said in a press release yesterday: “Before the ship landed, there was no power failure that led to a power failure”

So we’re no smarter. Sure someone knows what happened, the engineers in the engine room, the captain and pilot on the bridge, the ship that follows her You can’t miss a power outage. There are a hell of a lot of bells and alarms ringing when the ship had been blown onto the bank by an extreme wind, the bridge team would also have “noticed” this

The extreme crosswind theory would work if the winds went beyond anything ever experienced during a storm or hurricane strength.Cause I can’t see the Canal Authority allowing a ship to routinely cross the Canal and possibly shut down when it was prone to such winds, and they were predicted they would be playing a hell of a gamble with every large container ship and ballast tanker that crossed

For now, the point is to toss a coin until all parties jointly make a final statement. My money is for a machine failure for the reasons above, but we’ll see

A Maersk container from left is drifting in the middle Pacific and waiting for fuel

Will the delisting of shipping companies likely become a trend in the next two years?

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Evergreen, Suez Canal live

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