Twitch celebrates Valentine’s Day with special cards of silly jokes and puns that deal with content creators big and small

It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone seems to be participating in the action including Twitch in the world of gaming, with many celebrating the big day as even Nintendo recently teamed up with Hallmark to make Valentine’s Day cards, Twitch is no different as the streaming giant only shared a few cards with a few of its streamers

Twitch may be known for high profile bans, but it spreads the love on Nov. February In a series of tweets, Twitch posted some creative Valentine’s Day cards to celebrate the day. Interestingly, Twitch took this opportunity to show some love to a few minor content creators as well as one of its biggest stars

The layout for the Twitch Valentine’s Day cards is pretty simple but cute They have a solid color for the background, a picture of a streamer, a clever line (often with a pun or a joke), a ‘to’ field, that is filled in with “chat” and a ‘from’ that is filled in with whoever the streamer is The first card Twitch posted was from a certain streamer who may have created ESPN documentation after him, TimTheTatMan

The joke on this Valentine’s Day card is pretty funny as it came straight from TimTheTatMan’s win at Fall Guys It said “I would give you my only crown” as Tim struggled for some time to win the final party game which was hundreds of thousands of Viewers on Twitch wowed

While TimTheTatMan 6 has 1 million followers on Twitch, AvaGG has 451,000 Maybe not that dynamic but still very impressive The card says, “Are you AVAILABLE to be my Valentine’s Day?” Maybe the pun is a bit of a lengthy one, but then again, it’s very similar to the cards passed around in elementary school

The smallest streamer who gets a shoutout has only 482,000 followers, and he drives with BigCheeseKIT The relatively small content creator who wears a big smile on his Valentine’s Day card with the caption “You are the reason for my cheese dairy”, must be thrilled to get his time in the spotlight on Twitch all around the holiday, putting you next to someone like TimTheTatMan it can go a long way in helping BigCheeseKit and AvaGG in terms of number and popularity of followers Valentine’s Day is a time to spread love , and Twitch did this to a small extent by giving a couple of large and small streamers a few moments to glow

Valentine’s Day Card

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