VW CEO Herbert Diess says this will be a tough year for the automaker, although there are signs that the Chinese market is being brought back to life

Volkswagen will spend more than $ 80 billion by the middle of the decade to bring at least 50 battery electric vehicles to market and wants to make sure buyers know the new direction they are going by using the name Use “Voltwagen” for everything -electric models

The plan was originally scheduled to start on Jan. April, but an internal document leaked prematurely, a senior VW source told TheDetroitBureau mitcom The move described the move as a “public statement for the company’s future investment in electric mobility”

The name change is intended to support the automaker’s attempt to position itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, had a goal for the current EV market leader in the automotive industry, Tesla, last year set He is confident that the German giant can “overtake” its American rival before the end of this decade

A study published by the research company UBS predicts that this could happen as early as 2022. VW is already selling Tesla in its home market and in other parts of Europe, but it lags far behind in the US and China

“UBS assumes that Volkswagen will be a joint global market leader for all-electric vehicles as early as 2022 – with the potential to gain market share,” concluded the company’s study

While insider sources have confirmed that VW will adopt the name “Voltwagen”, it is unclear exactly how it will be used – or if it is a permanent move.It is not uncommon for companies to participate in a marketing campaign on theirs Tinker names and logos The pancake-oriented IHOP was briefly switched to IHOB a few years ago to indicate that it offers a wider breakfast menu

According to the trade magazine Automotive News, the name Voltwagen will target the US Market and used only for the company’s battery-electric models It recently launched its first long-range BEV, the ID4 SUV for the States

Diess has targeted Tesla, claiming it will catch the EV King before the end of the decade

The publication reports that the Voltwagen name will not replace Volkswagen either at the corporate level or in the U.S. or in Germany

According to document leak, VW is also planning to introduce a unique version of its logo for all-electric models.They will use a light blue background, conventionally powered models sticking with a dark blue background

The automaker revised the basic logo in 2019 and opted for a less three-dimensional appearance, which was used for the first time in particular for the new ID3. This model, which was introduced last year, is VW’s first global long-haul BEV

Several VW Quellencom contacted by TheDetroitBureau declined to say whether the Voltwagen name will be used permanently on the company’s battery-electric models or to anchor a limited marketing campaign – as was the case when IHOP became IHOB

VW would not be the first manufacturer to adapt its brand identity to the emergence of the electric vehicle Mercedes-Benz will use the Mercedes EQ emblem for its BEVs Hyundai meanwhile is launching a completely new sub-brand called Ioniq for its electric vehicles


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