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Sabine Schmitz will forever be known as the “Queen of the Nürburgring” “Now, Ring fan Dale Lomas is committed to naming part of the route in Schmitz ‘honor

The racing community and car enthusiasts around the world suffered a tragic loss this week when Sabine Schmitz passed away at the age of 51 Schmitz was the ultimate Nürburgring expert: She was born and grew up just a few steps away from the famous track She was the first woman to win the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring and completed tens of thousands of laps as the legendary Ring Taxi driver.An appearance in BBC’s Top Gear in 2005 brought her worldwide fame and launched Schmitz’s brilliant career as a television presenter and personality

Now, after her untimely death, the Nürburgring congregation gathers to honor Schmitz by asking the track owners to rename part of the course in her honor

Dale Lomas, a veteran of the ring taxi and lifelong supporter of the Green Hell (and occasional contributor to the Road & Track), launched the campaign almost immediately after learning of Schmitz’s death “Sabine is a powerful symbol for so many factions “, Lomas, who runs the legendary Nürburgring news site Bridge to Gantry, told R&T” Firstly, she’s a racing driver, a local and successful racing driver, and she started from the bottom. As a local, winning [the Nürburgring 24 Hours] is one Lifetime achievement, and she did it twice straight away “

Lomas also emphasized that Schmitz had earned the fierce respect of the tourist journeys, the die-hard people who flock here on the track, through her long journey with the ring taxi – where she routinely drove past serious track machines with up to three passengers in tow for open lapping sessions “The TF crowd is not to be underestimated,” Lomas told R&T “They number in the tens of thousands and spend millions. As an extravagant taxi driver who always smiled and smoked 15 times a day from the chicane in Adenauer Forst With these drivers she achieved legendary status “

When the ring was plagued by financial problems in the 2010s, Schmitz supported the “Save The Ring” campaign, which fought against the perceived monopoly and corruption of track ownership. “She did not hesitate,” said Lomas. “She never did Lost public respect “

Lomas decided that naming a corner of the ring after Schmitz would be a fitting tribute to the woman who lived for the famous German route March to name a corner for Sabine; At the time of this writing, just over 24 hours later have more than 13000 people signed

As Lomas emphasizes in the amendment org petition, the ring has up to 170 corners, depending on how you count, and many of them are unnamed And there is a precedent: the Nürburgring has in honor of Stefan Bellof, whose 6: Driving a Porsche 956 13 times in 1983 was an apparently unbeatable lap record until Porsche smashed it in 2018 with the 919 Evo

Lomas says he made an effort to let the organizers know about the idea and while Nürburgring has acknowledged the existence of the campaign, Lomas has not yet received an official response, “I am not blind to commercial realities and I understand that it’s a big company with a lot of obligations, and I’m just the guy with a blog who used to drive the cab and get charged with drifting every week”Said Lomas” But I hope it will happen “He spoke to Schmitz ‘siblings, who agreed to the petition

Which corner should be named after Schmitz? “That’s a difficult question,” Lomas said to R&T In a post on Bridge to Gantry, Lomas mentioned a number of possibilities. “My friend Daniel Schwerfeld suggested the creepy jump in front of Schwedenkreuz – calling Schmitzkuppe would be like” Schmitz ‘climax “I prefer the very fast left, the so-called “third left” from Kesselchen, because it is super scary at full speed and deserves respect. In any case, the Nordschleife has a number of unnamed sections, and Sabine only deserves the most difficult and dangerous ones named after her were! “

To add your name to the petition to name a corner of the Nürburgring after Sabine Schmitz, click here

Sabine Schmitz

Weltnachrichten – FI – Within the movement to name a corner of the Nürburgring for Sabine Schmitz

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