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24 Hours in Police Custody Viewers were “angry” after a mother who attempted to manipulate three other men to murder her ex-husband managed to use a variety of tactics and bizarre requests to complete her interview delay

On the last episode of Channel 4’s broadcast, Victoria Breeden, 39, from Littleport, Cambridgeshire, has been serving nine and a half years planning to have Rob Parkes, 40, killed by her daughter following his custody bill was seen being questioned

However, viewers were shocked after Victoria, known as the “Black Widow”, ran the detectives off with a series of claims and complaints – including the fact that she needed medication and had too much air in her hot water bottle and that she would just eat a vegan gluten free sandwich

“Victoria’s delaying tactics aren’t too dissimilar to my nearly 3-year-old before bedtime,” one wrote while another wrote, “Victoria deserves an Oscar ‘

24 hours in police custody viewers were “angry” after Victoria Breeden, 39, from near Littleport, Cambridgeshire, who tried to manipulate three other men to murder her ex-husband, claimed she was not for suitable for an interview

The ‘black widow’ (pictured) asked for a doctor’s visit, claiming she was in great pain and would have trouble proceeding with the interview

Victoria Breeden is now serving nine and a half years planning to have Rob Parkes, 40, killed after gaining custody of her daughter (picture)

On Twitter, one person wrote, “Victoria’s delaying tactic isn’t too dissimilar to my nearly 3-year-old before bed” (picture)

In one scene that annoyed the crowd, Victoria, who was telling police she was gluten-free, asked for a sandwich

“No, she doesn’t have a sandwich,” replied another detective, “If she’s gluten-free she can have pilau rice. If she’s gluten-free, she has gluten-free food”

And when Victoria was offered the gluten-free meal, she replied, “It contains beef ‘

Then she returned it, claiming she didn’t eat meat because she’s a vegetarian – before declining the other offers she was given

Before the detectives had a chance to show her evidence, Victoria asked for a doctor, claiming she was in great pain and would have difficulty proceeding with the interview

“I am unable to do anything without pain relief,” Victoria said before explaining that she recently had surgery for a herniated disc in her back

One of Victoria’s bizarre claims and complaints was that there was too much air in her hot water bottle (picture)

One person wrote: ‘My God, this woman is evil & manipulative, the way she got away with even countless missing interviews is insane’ (pictured)

When the detective heard the news, he said, “I could be wasting my damn time in a minute – and I’m not kidding. The next phase of this saga is that she says she needs her pain relief for her back pain. The prison has.” not given her this pain relief when it was produced ‘

‘I’m going to call the jail now and find out when she should have her pain relief.She was offered medical care and we even bought her the food she needs I think we should move on, in my entire career I’ve never had anything like it experienced ‘

Despite instructions from the prison that no further dose of medication is required, the naturopath requested that Victoria’s interview be postponed until the next day, leading DC Louisa Abbott to fear that he was dealing with the smartest criminal, she had ever met

‘She takes the time to think about it in my six years, I can’t see a case where someone has managed to delay after disclosing I think Victoria is the smartest criminal I’ve come across, not necessarily in the Offensive that she commits, but how she plays the system ‘

“I am unable to do anything without pain relief,” said Victoria (pictured) before explaining that she recently had surgery for a herniated disc in her back

“It’s crazy when my wife manipulates nasty & like she got away with even countless missing interviews,” one wrote while another wrote:

‘The blood boils and for 24 hours in police custody watches what a hideous creature this woman will use in any case when charged

A third added: ‘This woman is amazing !!! Has she swallowed a medical dictionary, apparently started any disease? A fourth commented: I was so mad when I saw this program. How this woman was manipulating everyone around her and the system was something to be seen

‘I’m so glad the police were persistent and gave them a heavy sentence that she fully deserved. At least her ex-husband can have some peace! ‘

Breeden met Rob at university in 1999 and they married in 2004, but the couple separated in 2008 and Rob was granted custody of their daughter in 2014 following a trial in family courts

Victoria has been incarcerated for nearly 10 years after trying to persuade the three men to murder Rob Parkes between 2014 and 2019

She was convicted on three charges of murder in a previous trial in Chelmsford Crown Court and sentenced to nine years and six months in prison in the same court

Mr Justice Chamberlain, who convicted Breeden, said: “The evidence shows that your main motivation in convincing others to kill Rob Parkes was to regain custody of (a child)It must be clear to you now that this cannot happen ‘

The defendant appeared on video link from Peterborough Prison and bowed her head as the judge sentenced her

She was sentenced in court for trying to convince then-neighbor Hamish Lowry-Martin to kill Mr. Parkes between Jan. January 2014 and 31 Assassinate December 2014

She was also found guilty of trouble-shooting ex-boyfriend Graham Wall between Jan. October 2018 and 3 October 2019 to persuade him to murder Mr. Parkes

Victoria has been found guilty of trying to persuade former friend Graham Wall (pictured) to take Mr. October 2018 and 3 Assassinate October 2019

Graham Wall asked to get rid of Rob Parkes leaving Chelmsford Crown Court in Essex

Breeden was also convicted of trying to murder friend Earl Gernon for the murder of Mr Parkes on Jan. October 2019 to persuade

A recording of Breeden’s conversation with Mr. Gernon was made on Mr. Wall’s cell phone as Mr. Wall suspected Breeden was unfaithful and left the device hidden in the record setting

Mr. Justice Chamberlain said of the taping of Breeden’s conversation with Mr. Gernon: “The discussion you (Breeden) had was detailed and included the way the murder could be carried out and the cost of various methods

“You gave Rob’s address to Earl Gernon, and you had a large sum of money that you could have used in the killing ‘

He said to Breeden, “You were only thwarted because Gernon didn’t do what you wanted, or at least not when the police got involved ‘

Daniel Taylor, prosecutor, said: ‘The Crown says this crime was persistent, planned and ultimately motivated by a desire to obtain custody (of a child)’

He said that Mr. Lowry-Martin and Mr. Gernon were offered “financial incentives to carry out these instructions” and that Breeden 18Had 000 pounds in cash

‘The point the Crown thinks is important here is someone offering some money and they had the means to pay for it,’ said Mr Taylor

Matthew Jewell QC mitigated that Lowry-Martin and Wall “made it pretty clear that they would have nothing to do with it”

He said Breeden’s conversation with the third man, Mr Gernon, “did not come to a conclusion on the matter in one way or another, and there was no evidence of follow-up”

Mr. Parkes read his statement on the victim’s implications in court and said the trial was “harrowing” for him when he heard “my ex-wife tried to kill me”

Mr. Parkes thanked Mr. Wall for going to the police He said he prevented (Breeden) from being successful

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