Actress Nicola Pagett was best known for playing Elizabeth Bellamy, daughter of Richard and Lady Marjorie, in the 1970 series Upstairs, Downstairs

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The actress is said to be on 3 March suddenly died of consequences of a brain tumor

Nicola was best known for playing Elizabeth Bellamy, the spoiled daughter of Richard and Lady Marjorie in the 1970 series Upstairs, Downstairs

Her other small screen work included playing Elizabeth Fanschawe in the 1973 television movie Frankenstein: The True Story and starring in the 10-part 1977 miniseries Anna Karenina

Nicola played alongside David Jason in the comedy drama A bit Of A Do

in 1989

On the big screen, Nicola has appeared in films such as Operation: Daybreak, Privates on Parade, and An Awfully Big Adverntures

Nicola was also a regular on the West End stage, starring in a number of Pinter plays, including a 1985 revival of the old days

The star, born in Cairo in 1945, where her father was an oil manager and who spent much of her childhood jet setting in Hong Kong, Cyprus and Japan

She returned to the UK at the age of 17 and was inducted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where she studied for two years

Nicola published an autobiography, Diamond Behind My Ears, in 1997, in which she recounted her battle with manic depression

Fans know the actress best as Elizabeth in ITV Upstairs’ first two series, Downstairs

In season two, Elizabeth began a loveless marriage to poet Lawrence Kirbridge, played by Ian Ogilvy, before having an affair

Elizabeth then went to America, which was Nicolas ‘idea because she didn’t want to be known for just one thing’

About the success of the show in 2002, Nicola said: “There really weren’t any stars – that was the beauty of it

“Everyone had the same meaning in the matter The product was more important than the people in it back then. So if it was a success, it was a success because everyone was good at it and not because the actor was known in it”

Nicola Pagett

Weltnachrichten – GB – Upstairs, the star on the ground floor, Nicola Pagett, suddenly dies at the age of 75