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A man who posted a negative review on the Summerfield Browne Solicitors law firm on the Trustpilot website was charged with £ 25 libel damage000 GBP fined

Philip James Waymouth hired the firm to advise on a dispute over the enforcement of a court order for a fixed fee of £ 200

He then left a review on Summerfield Browne’s Trustpilot site, accusing the company of “just another fraud attorney” and “a total waste of money”

The company has filed a lawsuit against Waymouth in the London High Court, arguing that Waymouth’s statements were false and defamatory and that the number of business inquiries has decreased since the review was published

Judge Master David Cook, ruling in favor of Summerfield Browne, stated that the words used in the review “had a clear tendency to discourage people from dealing with the applicant company” and that Waymouth “never fully articulated” why he was dissatisfied with Summerfield Browne’s work

After the news outlets’ attention, Summerfield Browne’s Trustpilot review site has been bombarded with one-star reviews. Numerous reviewers also said the company’s website is tracking user sessions with Google Analytics without permission, in violation of the GDPR / p>

Trustpilot first put a notice on the Summerfield Browne page asking only real customers to leave a review before the reviews are turned off completely

“While we understand that you want to share your thoughts on the news and topics on social media, Trustpilot is a place for feedback based on real buying and service experiences,” said Trustpilot

Summerfield Browne Solicitors is a commercial and private law firm with offices in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester and Oxford

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