Every day this month, the unstoppable comedian runs a marathon – and then does stand-up. His goal? To make humanity great again

Eddie Izzard doesn’t do things by halves Few comedians seem to think bigger when it comes to artistic opportunity, ambitious career moves, and human potential

When he emerged in the late 1980s before he became famous in the 1990s, it was like single-handedly building a parallel universe for British stand-up comedy, inspired by the Goons and Monty Python as a kid – indeed Praised by John Cleese as “the lost python” – and after cutting his teeth as a street performer, he made his grumbling, talkative surrealism his trading stock

It was the opposite of the Ben Elton-ish, Thatcher-bashing template that then dominated alternative comedy Whether you conjure up Darth Vader in the Death Star canteen (“Give me penne all’arrabiata or you will die!”) , Thoughts of a busy squirrel (“Did I leave the gas on?”) Or God as James Mason, Izzard not only rifled off identifiable reference points, but turned big existential questions into hallucinogenic gold

That imaginative freedom was a piece of his sexual identity: he was a gendered avant-garde – and long before Grayson Perry stepped into the limelight with the utmost confidence and poise – glamor and grit – he was able to make the goods so hypnotic up and deliver a dress like blokey robe

Other comics fell by the wayside; The 58-year-old Izzard not only stayed on course, but also went off the slopes – he built a career as a stage and film actor, made waves in the arenas and made his way overseas to become a “world comedian” will In the US, he sold Madison Square Garden and was the first solo comedy act to play the Hollywood Bowl.This downright Europhile spent a long time in Paris, playing in French and playing in German in Germany

Last February he hit the sidewalks of 28 European cities as a marathon runner (for charity) (in the end he threw in London) This month, in the midst of the pandemic, not only does he repeat and surpass the feat – he runs a marathon on a treadmill every day of the month (a project called Make Humanity Great Again), but metaphorically goes the extra mile by watching a show it is all streamed live, like a sweaty version of Big Brother

Yet when we talk on the phone, it’s in the midst of a social media explosion of interest in him that has nothing to do with his plot and anything to do with his pronouns while he was posing for Sky Arts’ finalists for Portrait Artist of the Year he refers to (with his happy consent) as “she / she” Congratulations on Twitter Izzard’s personal pronouns were quickly feminized on Wikipedia. He sounds slightly amused at the perception that this was a milestone in asserting his trans identity or choosing a gender

“I didn’t push for it [in the program] That’s not the big deal I’ve been traveling for 35 years When I was called” she “on her honorary degree in Swansea [2019], no one gave a monkey. Why no one has it yet It’s all people want – if they call me her and her, that’s great – or he and he, I don’t mind I’d rather be called Eddie, that covers it all ”

Izzard talks about switching between boy and girl mode: “I’m gender-specific. Your brain is coded male or female when you’re young. Mine has been coded both ways. I got the gift from both, although it doesn’t seem like one at first.” Gift Feels “He’s proactive in ‘girl mode’ right now, hoping the race will ‘make people look at trans in a different way’

He owes some of the robust mindset required to marathons to the struggles he had to go through.He waited until 1985, when he was 23, before defying a London street in a dress and heels he made 1991 his first appearance in make-up, heels and a skirt in a pub

“Getting out was so hard – I couldn’t speak to anyone I knew I was going to be abused on the street – and I had. It made me very hard mentally”

So he’s tough but not combative. He tries to steer the course of the slightest hysteria through the excitement over JK Rowling’s stance on transactional issues and how it affects the definition and protection of women “I don’t think JK Rowling is transphobic i think we need to look at the things she wrote about on her blog women have gone through such hell in history trans people were invisible too i hate the idea that we are fighting between us but she wont be sorted by the wave of a magic wand I don’t have all the answers If people don’t agree with me, okay – but why are we going through hell with it? ”

Has he thought about a transition? “I have no answer to that. I feel feminine, but if I were only to express the feminine side of myself, the boy side would not be represented. In any case, I am a little underrepresented”

He also takes on a measured tone when I ask him about Cleese’s comments – after the temporary withdrawal of a Fawlty Towers episode (“The Germans”) from UKTV this summer – namely: “Not me” I don’t think we should organize a society around the sensitivity of the most easily angry people ”

“I don’t want to argue with John. He’s a hero of mine,” says Izzard. “But if you’re joking about minorities or powerless groups, it doesn’t show a strong character. If you people of color take the P — or less Having money this is not a good way to do comedy I’m not going to censor people but I won’t “He despises the term” woke up “” I’m a radical moderator That’s enough definition for me “

This calorie-burning stand-up outburst may prove part of a comedy run. He continues to strive to serve as a Labor MP: “To make real change, you have to get into politics“Was he disappointed with the collapse of the Corbyn project? “If Jeremy ran the party, I would support him. Now Keir is running the party, I will support him. I want the party to win, that’s what I want. I am a fighter I keep fighting”

Then he pounds. About this New Years adventure, he admits, “I know I do something weird and out of the ordinary. But it’s good to do things outside in such a way that people notice them and say,” I didn’t know that this is possible“Did he really do that?”

What drives him to keep moving and to beat the rest? In part, it’s in his nature and a real, great passion to bring humanity together and turn negatives on its head. He admits that his mother died of cancer when he was six. “There is one underlying thing that Mom comes back when I do enough good and positive things that I know aren’t true But my subconscious wants them to be true “It takes courage to acknowledge something so painful to a stranger. We agree that Izzard courage has

Make humanity great again: A run for hope and standstill lasts until December 31 January; Eddieizzardcom

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