Borussia Dortmund’s striker Erling Haaland scored once in each half when they drew 2-2 in the last knockout round of the Champions League against Sevilla on Tuesday and reached the quarter-finals with a 5-4 overall victory

The Norwegian has scored his 20th in 14 games Champions League goal – and 10th this season in competition – with a controversial penalty in the 54th Minute after he had scored a setback from Marco Reus against the course of the game to give Dortmund the lead in the first half

Sevilla, who reached the quarter-finals in 2018 and had a strong first half, struck back with two goals from Youssef En-Nesyri 2

20-year-old Haaland is now the best Norwegian goalscorer ever in the competition He has one goal more than current Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when Dortmund scored their last eight goals for the first time since 2017

Haaland’s penalty, awarded after a lengthy VAR review for a previous challenge after putting the ball in the net, was initially saved before recapturing it and scoring a goal (Reuters)

We will have a match report for this game shortly, as BVB is the first club to reach the quarter-finals

Dortmund wins a total of 5-4 Blimey! That was tight in the end. They were terrible for long periods of time but with Bellingham doing very well in midfield and the incomparable Haaland they managed to find the edge. Seville just left it too late

Sorry – it was Schulz, not Delaney, who gave way to Zagadou. Hummels bends over to behead the ball and puts Munir’s boot in his face. He milks it for a minute and then gets up

Zagadou blocks Gomez ‘shot and puts the ball into play. Six minutes of injury time were signaled

Rakitic comes for Fernando Dortmund goes to the corner flag, but the Dahoud discovers an opening and beats a shot with his right foot from a depth of 25 meters to the right of Bino Sevilla crawls the save away for a throw

Munir replaces Suso as Sevilla shoots the ball into the box and Hitz hits Flipper without pressure on Gomez’s header near the post until Dortmund pulls the foul

Sharp parry in front of Bono after Bellingham, Haaland, Reus and Dahoud broke as a quartet after Bellingham’s interception.They walked center to left and back again until Dahoud freed himself from Kounde to take a low shot towards the right corner press Bono spreads

Dangerous, hissing flank from Navas to Gomez holding her left, but his shot is blocked You work it back on Navas, who slams a daisy cutter through the six-yard box and gathers Hitz low down

Bellingham strides through midfield like a Challenger tank and his manager yells, “Jew, back in your position ‘

Sevilla sends Torres to Ridriguez Dortmund puts the free kick 25 meters from the center

A panic heat scratches a Suso cross, which went out anyway, around a corner, but there is no damage

Haaland asks the referee to check if Reus has been pushed by Acuna as they walk up and left for an overheat diagonal. He waves him away

The Moroccan center forward absolutely rang the bell and whistled the penalty under the crossbar to the right of the goalkeeper

Great game from Haaland to stop, restart and bomb past Navas before a wonderful cross is thrown through the six yard box that artfully bends away from the gate Acuna arrives just before Reus and Bellingham, to hack it behind you

Good rescue from heat dipping deep to the left to bend Gomez’s left-footed bend backwards

Ah, we now see that when Bono hit the first penalty kick, he gave Haaland an ear to send it back when he scored the replay that was bad of Sevilla when their players stood up to him for it as Bono started something he couldn’t finish

Still no Luuk de Jong for Sevilla, who attacks with Ocampos and Rodriguez at the bottom left Until Dahoud blocks the cross

Well, that took an age. First the goal was “crossed” because Haaland, despite being shoulder to shoulder with Fernando, also stuck his forearm into the defender’s chest

Then his penalty was saved and the goalkeeper dived to his left to save the rebound and block. Then we came back and Haaland stutters again in his barrel, going to the same side and pushing her in through the right post The magic is rounded off with a booking for the goal scorer, who points to the goalkeeper and presumably mocks him

Wait a long while the referee checks to see if Haaland fouled Fernando in build-up Looked shoulder to shoulder at me He just let him fly, ran over him after a direct dribble with sheer force, then ended up with a nice right foot from an angle of about 30 degrees from the right post with his right foot

We’re gone and Dortmund, maybe as a result of a team talk, it’s going to take a long time.It’s the tactic Steve McManaman advocated the whole game for.It turns out that the linesman’s flag goes wrongly which is Hazard’s left-hand shot Side too casual as he whistled her on the wrong side of the post Var would have knocked the flag over if he buried her, which he should have done

Seville dominated for 35 minutes but suddenly Dortmund stirred for a few minutes, feeding the talk of Europe and he finished with a kind of angry certainty

Can you “smash and grab” at home? If so, Dortmund did Ocampos clinging to a bad header and half volleys from 20 meters, but his shot is blocked by Mahmoud Dahoud

Suso is punished for a lazy push on Delaney that somehow instigated him. Dahoud briefly sells Bellingham in a pass and he only escapes the snap because he was fouled

Of all people, Fernando picks up a shot from 22 meters away and cuts it high, wide and hideous

Dortmund seemed to have woken up a minute from goal and are now the more vigilant and urgent side. Seville now need three goals

Paul Dempsey and Steve McManaman have just described the 31-year-old Marco Reus as ‘Dortmund’s great old man’ “You can’t be a great old man at 31 You must be 35

Nine goals in six CL games this season for Erling Haaland For the first time in this game, Dortmund pressed the frint as if a switch had been thrown, and Schulz raves about a dozing Suso after a bad pass from Kounde left up to Dahoud, the Reus slides outwards Dortmund’s captain cuts it back and Haaland drills an angled shot with his left foot from about eight meters home

Alamo-esque defense against Hummels and Can, while Ocampos and El-Nesyri throw loose balls in the box

Edin Terzic is angry on the line of contact. They need a halftime rocket or some smelling salt. They go sleepwalking toward disaster

Oscar Rodriguez and Ocampos play a one-two on the left sideline around the corner, but Oscar was sidelined and therefore punished despite being fouled on return

He will try. Ocampos will shut down after the restart. After the free kick, they send Ocampos over the leg, switch it to the right and back again for Acuna, whose flank is led by Schulz

Diego Carlos goes down and holds his right thigh back. Come on the physios – who ralgex it and buckles it up

Hummels is the youngest player to save BVB’s bacon with a release near the post.They keep getting sucked towards their box with Haaland just 15 meters in front of them

El-Nesyr1 climbs the nearby post to try to reach Navas’ cross, which is about a foot too high. He stands up impressively, but even he can’t get there at some point in spring

Now Bellingham is canceling an attack, but they live very dangerously and invite to all this pressure. They look poorly trained and have no confidence

Book for Morey for doing one of those tackles with a vertical straight leg trying to chop it off his opponent’s toe, getting it wrong and landing a metatarsal cracker on a Seville boot

Ocampos dribbles through midfield, turns left to center, then slides a pass at Suso, who bombards the inner right channel.He takes a touch and then hits the billboards with his right foot From there it bounces back onto the back of the gate, making the net wrong

Jordan punished for late attack on Bellingham For the free kick, 10 yards in their own half, Dortmund works to the right but neither Morey nor Hazard can make great strides against Acuna and Oscar Rodriguez who use their upper body strength to keep them to hit on the sidelines

Dortmund break and this time effectively Hazard races down the inside right channel and outperforms Diego Carlos, but especially avoids the opportunity to shoot and instead hooks it across the penalty area to Reus, who was in front of the last defender that was very wasteful

Dortmund invites Seville over and over again and sits very deep. Haaland has to come back with all 10 of his teammates to defend himself

A gloomy cross from Suso from the corner, which is blocked for him, but his second attempt is better and El-Nesyri’s header doesn’t bother the goalkeeper Dortmund rushes for another corner Suso knocks for a long time and although Dortmund defends it, cash they left a free kick 25 yards

Now Can is holding back Oscar Rodriguez, who was trying to get to the sideline, holding him back with his strength until the ball touches for a goalkick, but von Hitz’s restart Sevilla pen Dortmund close to their box again The cross of Jesus Navas is blocked by Schulz and Seville has a corner

All Seville so far in terms of possession El-Nesyri takes on Can in the bottom left and uses his strength to get to the sideline until Can pushes forward and whips them away

Sevilla started well with Jordan taking the corner of Haaland at the near post defending him with a kick and Dortmund counterattacking Hazard who was fouled However, the referee is playing an advantage that was nullified when Reus and Haaland blocked shots, respectively saved

Haaland slides over to Diego Carlos and then Bono and Acuna as they pass it around the back, they move it up and Emre Can makes a mistake, dawdles in possession and allows Ocampos to steal it and shoot with his right foot to smash, knock away the heat

Sevilla starts and rolls the ball back to Fernando, who throws it up on the left. Morey defends it and Sevilla comes back with Suso, who dribbles on the left, but Dortmund forces him back

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Seville French center-back Jules Kounde is the No. 1 Manchester United Monchi, Seville’s sporting director, said they turned down an offer from a Premier League club in the first window of the season How much would they have to pay? About 40 million pounds

Lucas Ocampos is a player who has been highly rated by Leeds’ Victor Orta and Marcelo Bielsa, for whom he played in Marseille. Doesn’t like a No5 winger, really shadow of Lee Sharpe

Late last year, the wonderful James Ducker spoke to 17-year-old Jude Bellingham from England and Dortmund’s golden defensive midfielder. Here’s what he had to say:

Borussia Dortmund Hitz, Morey, Can, Hummels, Schulz, Dahoud, Delaney, Bellingham, Hazard, Haaland, Reus Subs Burki, Drljaca, Zagadou, Moukoko, Brandt, Reinier, Meunier, Piszczek, Tigges, Passlack, Knauff, Raschl

Sevilla Bounou, Jesus Navas, Kounde, Diego Carlos, Acuna, Jordan, Fernando, Rodriguez, Suso, En-Nesyri, OcamposSubs Romero, Pastor, Vaclik, Sergi Gomez, Rekik, Gudelj, de Jong, Rakitic, Munir, Escudero , Torres, Gomez

And welcome to the coverage of the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 between Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla in the Westfalenstadion. BVB leads 3-2 in the first leg after falling 1-0 down due to two goals by Erling Haaland, the hottest stadium in the world The performance of the young center forward was so succinct that Marca titled his match report with the headline “A monster called”

Both hit the resuscitation path in the first half after Mo Dahoud after frequent injuries and a long slump that was offset by a right-foot stunner from 22 yards, Haaland made it two-one with his left foot after a one-two with Jadon Sancho , who will miss today’s game due to an injury, and his second, again with his left, after being put through by his captain Marco Reus

It was worrying, however, that Haaland left the field injured after he lost 4-2 to Bayern Munich (which took sixth place in the Bundesliga) and Dortmund in Edin Terzic under the direction of a caretaker at the weekend stand, had scored two more hits and won’t get the job unless he can ‘do a Di Matteo’ and win the thing), are ill-equipped to win without him. Fortunately, the injury was more of a wound – his ankle was tackled rather than one Tendon or bone injury, and BVB are very much hoping they can lead the line. Next to Sancho, who was excluded, Giovanni Reyna and Raphael Guerreiro are Touch and Go

Seville, fourth in the league and having won a record in the sixth Uefa Cup / Europa League at the end of last season, Julen Lopetegui joins the game after successive defeats to Barcelona and Elche Sacrificed his chance to lead Spain and sabotaged his chances for the four months at Real Madrid overall, did a good job at the Sanchez Pizjuan They seem very dependent on Youssef En-Nesyri for goals and the summer window shopping over 68 £ million has been mixed results so far Oussama Idrissi has already returned to the Netherlands on loan, while Susos is a poor return on an assist (and three goals) for a £ 20m player

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Dortmund versus Sevilla

Weltnachrichten – GB – Erling Haaland scores two more goals to continue the phenomenal series and send Dortmund into the quarters