Kristina Rihanoff feels “so guilty” that she did not reach Caroline Flack before her death

The former “Strictly Come Dancing” pro became friends with the late TV presenter, who became friends in February 2020 at the age of 40 during the 2014 series of the Latin and Ballroom Show, when Caroline was a candidate Life took “really sad” about not doing more to contact her friend

“Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference, but looking back I think maybe I should have got in touch and I was really sad about it. It didn’t leave my head for long”

Kristina recalled that Caroline went through “a lot of trouble” while starring in “Strictly” – where she won the Glitterball Trophy – but she says her friend later said she was “on one.” better place ”

The 43-year-old ballroom dancer added to the Daily Mirror newspaper, “During ‘Strictly,’ she had a lot of trouble getting out of a relationship and so on

“She had a few wobbly movements on tour and didn’t want to perform, so we knew there was a lot of things going on with her emotional state

“But then she said, ‘I’m in a better place, I’m focusing on new things’ and I said to her, ‘I’m really happy for you'”

Caroline’s buddy Dawn O’Porter has also paid tribute to her late buddy, admitting that this week has been “agony” and she “feared” Monday (15) 0221) because it has been a year since the former ‘Love Iceland ‘host has passed away

She wrote on Instagram: “I just went down a pipe to find something from the week I met Caroline and this is Australia, somewhere on a TV in a jungle somewhere, it was one of the funniest Weeks of my life I took the job as a free pass to come to Oz and see my best friend who had just moved to Melbourne Little did I know I would meet @gemagain and Caroline and make two more of my best friends from whom you could ever dream of We laughed all week, told EVERYTHING and bonded for life The absolute greatest time This week is really hard torment indeed I can’t shake it Monday is a year since Caroline’s death That terrible day Who changed so many lives forever I fear it But there were 14,600 days in Caroline’s excellent life that say a lot more about her than that day The heartache keeps me thanking bar for the happiest, funniest and cheekiest memories There are so many Probably too many I will never stop missing them My brilliant, beautiful and funniest friend (sic) “

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Caroline Flack

Weltnachrichten – GB – Kristina Rihanoff feels “so guilty” that she did not reach Caroline Flack