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Sensation for sausage rolls LadBaby took over a “strong lead” for first place in the charts at the beginning of Christmas Eve

The Official Charts Company has announced that Nottingham-born Youtube star Mark Hoyle is taking the lead over global superstar Mariah Carey

Formerly from West Bridgford, the devoted father and husband of Rox, he’s on his way to a Christmas number one hat-trick with his latest hit Don’t Stop Me Eatin ‘

The song in line with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” raises money for the grocery bank’s charity, the Trussel Trust, a cause the family cares about after recently wrangling over their own previous battle over it Bringing food informed have on the table

The Official Charts Company said in a statement that LadBaby is maintaining “a strong lead” over its rivals before Christmas number one is revealed on Friday

If he manages, he will be the only artists along with the Beatles and the Spice Girls to have three Christmas numbers on their toes

LadBaby said he was dealing with “megastars” and there was a lot of competition. When asked how he would celebrate if he was at the top of the list for the third time, LadBaby said he would probably “sausage rolls and Champagne ”

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“We’ll be celebrating no matter where we finish because it was an incredible opportunity and honor to try again,” he added

US superstar Carey takes second place in the preliminary rankings with All I Want For Christmas Is You, which topped the UK singles chart for the first time 26 years after its release earlier this month

Last Christmas from Wham! is third and Jess Glynne’s cover of Donny Hathaway’s This Christmas is fourth. Sir Paul McCartney is well on his way to topping the album charts for Christmas with McCartney III

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World news – GB – LadBaby will lead the charts one day before Christmas1 is announced