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Nicola Sturgeon will hold a press conference on the new mutated coronavirus strain after a cabinet meeting

The First Minister had previously warned that “preventive measures” could be imposed to prevent the “faster spread” from spreading

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Scottish government ministers met Saturday afternoon to discuss the discovery by scientists that the new variant of the coronavirus is spreading faster

The press conference is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m., with the First Minister being led by Provisional Medical Director Dr Gregor Smith and National Clinical Director Jason Leitch

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a new level 4 coronavirus restrictions would be introduced starting Sunday morning due to the spread of the virus in parts of London, the southeast and east of England

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new restrictions were necessary because a variant of the coronavirus had spread that is being transmitted faster than the original

Speaking to a briefing on Downing Street, he said, “It appears that this spread is now being driven by the new variant of the virus that we talked about earlier this week

“Our advisors in the advisory group for new and emerging threats from respiratory viruses (Nervtag) have analyzed this new variant over the past few days There’s no evidence that it causes more serious illness or higher mortality rates, but it appears to be passed on much faster

READ MORE: Nicola Sturgeon warns of “potentially preventive measures” amid fears of a new variant of Covid

“Nervtag’s early analysis suggests that the new variant could increase the R by 04 or more and, although there is considerable uncertainty, it can be up to 70% more transferable than the old variant

“This is early data that needs to be checked, but it is the best we have now and we have to respond to information as we have it as it is now spreading very quickly”

The Prime Minister said: “We are sacrificing the chance to see our loved ones at Christmas so we can better protect their lives so that we can see them at Christmas in the future”

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