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ROBINHO “brutally humiliated” and “belittled” an Albanian woman whom he convicted of rape – when his nine-year prison sentence was confirmed

A court also heard yesterday that the former Manchester City star, 37, “tried to deceive investigators” with “pre-agreed facts” regarding his 2013 rape report

The woman was raped in 2013 on her 23rd birthday Birthday in a Milan nightclub when he played for AC Milan, the giants of Serie A

The soccer player saw his sentence confirmed in December but denied the charges and appealed again

As reported by G1 Globo, the recent ruling from the Milan Court of Appeal justices means the former Brazil international has 45 days to file a final appeal with the Supreme Court, Italy’s highest appellate court

He claimed that after he left his friends also had consensual sex with the woman – while adding that he couldn’t speak for her

Key evidence of the former Real Madrid star’s conviction was intercepted phone calls between Robinho and his friends

In an interview, Robinho said to the Brazilian outlet UOL: “A girl came up to me, we had contact with her and my consent. Then I went home

“When she approached me she wasn’t drunk because she remembers my name, she remembers who I am

Robinho expressed remorse for his actions but said that he only regretted cheating on his wife Vivian, whom he married in 2009 and with whom he has two children

“The mistake was not being faithful to my wife, I made no mistake about raping someone, molesting a girl, or dating her without her consent”

Robinho re-signed for Santos youth club in October for a tiny wage of just £ 50 a week, two months after being fired from Istanbul Basaksehir

However, his business was suspended just two weeks later pending legal proceedings

In a statement by the association it says: “Santos and Robinho have mutually agreed that on 10 October to suspend the contract signed so that the player can concentrate exclusively on his court defense in Italy “

The club’s shirt sponsor, Orthopride, has also terminated its contract with the club “in relation to women using our product”

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