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MIKE TYSON’S emotional meeting with British boxing favorite Frank Bruno will hit our screens in a few days

It has been 31 years since the two warriors fought in the ring – a one-sided affair in which Bruno was stopped by the referee in the fifth round

On 26 February a new program will be broadcast on NOW TV and Sky Documentaries, showing how two brutally broken men have rebuilt themselves and finally found peace again

And the two 50-year-olds have something in common – the money in their banks, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Here, SunSport takes a look at the £ 75million fortune in and out of the ring

Like many athletic superstars, Tyson was spending his money as fast as he had made on big, expensive houses, flashy cars, and even tigers

In 2003, Tyson had to file for bankruptcy The media reported at the time that he had £ 20 million in debt

But the self-titled “Baddest Man On The Planet”, who has admitted fighting cocaine addiction since he was eleven, managed to turn things around

Tyson has starred or played a supporting role in a number of films, most notably in The Hangover

More recently, he’s been producing a podcast called Hotboxin ‘With Mike Tyson, one of the most popular martial arts podcasts

In that title, Tyson has cannabis to thank for his financial recovery.He runs his own weed farm called Tyson Ranch, where he grows and sells his own brand of weed and weed-based wellness products

Cheat sheet states that the Tyson Ranch monthly weed is worth over 360Sold £ 000, but Tyson and his guests 29000 pounds smokes

And he is said to have made £ 75m from his big return to boxing in December when he was with fellow Hall Of Famer Roy Jones Jr drew in an exhibition fight

After two unsuccessful world title challenges – including a brutal fifth-round loss to Tyson in 1989 – the gentle giant finally claimed the WBC heavyweight title in 1995 by defeating Oliver McCall

But six months later he would lose that strap – to old rival Tyson, who came back to the top after spending some time in prison after being convicted of rape

Bruno’s £ 75m net worth has been carefully managed from his boxing career, but he’s also tried his hand at a few other endeavors

In 2017, he told the Sunday Telegraph that he had “made some investments in the stock market”

In this interview, he admitted that during his boxing career, he was paid to slam HP sauce bottles on the table for a TV commercial

Bruno has also acted in pantomimes and done many voice overs for television – including his famous “Know what I mean Harry”


He credits having a “good accountant” to keep his finances in order and has advised aspiring boxers to “save wisely, stay humble and focus on your job in front of you”

But in his book Let Me Be Frank, the 59-year-old revealed that he was betrayed by “someone close to him,” the 300Had withdrawn £ 000 from his bank account

It was 2003 when he was treated for bipolar disorder in a Romford hospital

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