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The ‘Spaceman’ singer told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp about the embarrassing time he first met his mother-in-law

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s relationship seems like something out of a fairy tale, at least that’s what we thought, until the ‘This Is Heaven’ singer spoke to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp

After Priyanka talked about it in her book Unfinished, Nick Jonas told Roman Kemp how awkwardly he first met his mother-in-law

Priyanka had invited Nick over to her house and warned him that her mother was there too. However, she did not tell her mother that she would bring Nick back, and so the Chaos Walking star accidentally walked into her, completely unsuspecting, when she was Law & Order: Special Victims Unit observed

“It was certainly a fun and bizarre way to meet my future mother-in-law,” Nick said. “You know, it’s perfect too!”

“It was the right way to do it; just surprise her while she’s watching SVU or whatever it was”

Nick Jonas proposed to actress Priyanka Chopra in Greece on her birthday, the 18th July 2018, before and celebrated their engagement a month later in Mumbai

Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra

World news – GB – WATCH: Nick Jonas reflects on his first meeting with Priyanka with Priyanka’s mother