From politicians to Grammy winners to Chaka Khan himself, The Masked Singer often delivers surprising revelations – but the US version of the show really surpassed them even this week

The Masked Singer US has just returned to the screens in the US and started season five on Fox last night

Five characters were listed for the judges – Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger – before unfortunately one had to be the first to leave the competition

When the hat was removed from the giant snail figure, the first celebrity exposed was when … Kermit the frog is revealed

When the snail’s headgear was removed, it initially looked like nobody was in costume, and host Neicy Nash was visibly shocked and confused

Kermit then showed up, which of course sparked screams from everyone in the studio while fans erupted on social media:

If you thought #TheMaskedSingerUK was crazy, the US version just revealed that “Snail” was Kermit the Frog ImageTwittercom / ViNsqr5QoA

So if Kermit the Frog can be a contestant on a game show, what does that mean for the rest of the Muppets? Can Miss Piggy be in a movie? Can we get an Electric Mayhem tour? Actually yes, please to both

As if that wasn’t strange enough, Kermit offered some thoughts on leaving the contest, stating, “It’s not easy to be green, but sometimes being a snail is even more difficult

In his only performance as Snail, Kermit saw “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates

Unsurprisingly, panelists didn’t come close to figuring out the character’s identity, but rather Jay Jayo and Seth MacFarlane

The Masked Singer has become a worldwide sensation in recent years Versions are filmed in countries like China, Germany and Mexico

The format is originally from South Korea and a spin-off, The Masked Dancer, where mysterious celebrities make a move instead of singing, will also appear on ITV later this year

The jury for the British version consists of Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Mo Gilligan and a newcomer, Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing

The masked singer returned on Wednesday night for season five, introducing us to the Russian Doll, Clam, Raccoon, Porcupine and Snail Unfortunately, this one didn’t quite make it as he was the first mysterious celebrity to do the So who was the snail? It’s safe to say that we’ve never had such a reveal in the history of the show – it was the only Kermit the frog.While the mystery singer had a Kermit-sounding voice underneath, the appearance of the most famous Muppet was so unexpected that no one actually predicted it would be Fox had promised this would be a “breakthrough season” of celebrity cosplay competition, and this was certainly the most mind-boggling, and possibly internet-breaking unmasking of the series (as well as the cutest) Panelist Ken Jeong exclaimed, “Most famous guest on The Masked Singer of all time!” With Kermit jumping out of the shell of a giant snail, one of the greatest moments that ever happened on the show is that some viewers were crazy about the “ Fantastic “” unmasking while others were upset that Kermit was voted out. And while unfortunately Kermit could no longer stay on the show singing songs about rainbows, he gave one final performance after saying, “It’s not easy being green to be, but sometimes it is even more difficult to be a snail”!”

On Wednesday, one of the more bizarre reality contests that had hit it off on American television returned, and that says a lot, Masked Singer’s fifth season opened with guest host Niecy Nash advocating for COVID-positive Nick Cannon, a secret Hahn hiding clues from the judges and a number of new masked pop singers

Up (season) 5! “The Masked Singer” returned on Wednesday and said goodbye to its first candidate. See you then, snail!

Yankees pitcher Zack Britton explains the schedule to determine he must undergo elbow surgery at the start of the season and miss the time

Zack Britton is having surgery to remove a bone chip from his precious left elbow, meaning the top reliefs Aroldis Chapman, Darren O’Day, Chad Green and Justin Wilson have more responsibility

SPOILER ALERT: If you see the premiere of the 5th, read no further Season of “The Masked Singer”, the 10 It is not easy to see: Kermit the Frog was the first celebrity to be exposed in season 5 of “The Masked Season” when the hit Fox series returned on Wednesday […]

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Areas like Shawmut Avenue and Union Park were filled with cameras, which drew multiple spectators in hopes of catching a glimpse of George Clooney and Ben Affleck

In the coronavirus crisis, watch out for widespread health information more than ever – some of it is essential and useful; Some of this (especially reports on home remedies or remedies) is nonsense, and while a lot of the nonsense was quickly debunked, we thought about how unhelpful health tips can last over the years, although none of these are as dangerous as drinking bleach – please don’t – these are the top “health tips” that you should stop following right away Read on and don’t miss these safe signs you’ve already had with coronavirus to ensure your health and the health of others 1 Don’t think you’re immune to coronavirus if you’ve already had it. The CDC is still researching how to develop immunity to the coronavirus – but if you’ve had it, it’s not a guarantee “We don’t know if the antibodies, resulting from SARS-CoV-2 infection offer someone immunity to future infection, “they report,” Wenn An antibodies provide immunity, we don’t know what titer or amount of antibodies would be protective or how long this protection would last “2 Don’t feed a cold, don’t starve to death. This folk remedy belongs in the past – there is no scientific basis for it your body has as Reaction to infection fever To recover from this disease, he will need plenty of nutrients, fluids, and rest (even if you have coronavirus) When you have a temperature, eat as normal or as close as possible. In no case do not fast; They’re Not Going To Do Your Body A Favors 3 Don’t Eat Low Fat Diets To Lose Weight Low fat diets and processed foods became a craze in the 1980s Do you know what else? 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Argentine tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro has not fully recovered after a series of knee injuries, but the former US. Open Champion told reporters on Wednesday that he wanted to target this year’s Tokyo Olympics for a new comeback. “I think this is my year,” said the former world number three at an event in Buenos Aires where he was called best Argentine player of the last decade honored Del Potro, who won a bronze medal in London in 2012 and silver in Rio de Janeiro four years later, has undergone three knee operations since his injury at the Shanghai Masters in 2018, the last one in August 2020

One of the many offshoots of this COVID-infected season has been a lack of non-conference play and hence a lack of cross-reference points.But there are teams that are ripe for a surprise in the NCAA tournament

PHILADELPHIA (AP) Joel Embiid pocketed a rebound in the last minute of the best game of his NBA career MVP! Chants boomed through the arena, waving his hands to imaginary fans – the Philadelphia 76ers fanatics who watched at home, of course – to get loud. Embiid plays with as much fun as any MVP front runner and on the February night than he lost 50 points at the Chicago Bulls, he sent the fans a sign that they are spiritually with him “The fans are always there for me when I play,” said Embiid

A NASCAR competition official said Tuesday that sanctions authority would be investigating a spin by Kyle Busch during the Camping World Truck Series event last Friday, suggesting a stricter stance could lead to incidents that prompt caution A flat tire forced Busch’s No 51 Toyota to slow down during the Bucked Up 200 on Friday […]

After arguably the most bizarre title change in UFC history, recently crowned UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling gave his MMA community his on his The Weekly Scraps podcast after beating Petr Yan at UFC 259 in the DQ Answer While Yan Sterling, who was by definition a grounded fighter, clearly delivered an illegal knee, many MMA fans, commentators, and fighters criticized Sterling for embellishing his reaction to the knee appealing to Sterling on whether or not he considered himself a true champion felt or not, and also criticized Yan for knowing (or lacking) the rules and choosing to kneel him in this position altogether, “Just so you guys know, I don’t feel like a champion because I obviously didn’t win that way got how I wanted to win it But there are rules for a reason, and it puzzles me to know that a man like Yan of his caliber can reach the highest heights, world champion and still be able to make such mistakes, ”said Sterling.“ You don’t know when an opponent will be out and you have to ask your coach if an opponent is out? Like what? I was told he has done this before I have to find the fight so I can actually pull it up and check for myself if this is true or not But it’s kind of crazy that he would go back and do something like this all over again, if it were true https://www.mmaweeklycom / espn-released-footage-by-Petr-Yan’s-corner-after-controversial-illegal-knee Petr Yan’s Russian fans “are a little overboard” Sterling also gave talks on Yan’s Russian fan base about their lack of medical knowledge regarding their criticism of the severity of Funkmaster’s head injury. He also mentioned that he had received death threats from them as well, but didn’t seem too concerned. “I respect that you like to support your own, I may admire that about the Russian fan base you will support your own no matter what you are a little overboard in terms of crazy; Regarding the death threats and such. That’s a bit crazy, but I respect that you support your athletes, “Sterling said.” With that said, you ain’t no fucking doctors they don’t know about concussions Just because I got a CT scan and they said I was erased doesn’t that mean I wasn’t affected What was on Aljamain Sterling’s mind after the illegal knee? Sterling also referred to the first two times he was knocked out, comparing the knee of Yan with the previous cases The radio master said he was insane and couldn’t remember exactly what Referee Mark Smith said to him when he was on the ground after eating Yan’s knee but Sterling said he remembered it for asking how much time he had because he wanted to keep going As mentioned, many people in the MMA community criticized Sterling for possibly beautifying, how bad his head injury was from that illegal knee, instead of criticizing Yan for throwing the illegal knee first. Sterling stayed on the ground for an extended period of time after the crime, providing context for his mood at that moment, “‘The fight is going to be be a no-contest Dana will say he lost that fight in the fourth round Then why should we use it again? We already know which way the fight was going and that’s why we will move on, “said Sterling.” These are all the thoughts that go through my head: “I’ll never get the chance again, I’ll have three or four more Have to win fights to get back to this position and ever fight for a world title again. So these thoughts went through my head and not: “I will be world champion”Aljamain Sterling beats Petr Yan at UFC 259 | Photo courtesy of UFC & Getty Aljamain Sterling now looking for a fight with Henry Cejudo After the fight ended, a picture of Sterling surfaced on social media with friends and Family celebrating with belts on their shoulders Yan posted a tweet with this photo mocking Sterling in the process https: // twittercom / PetrYanUFC / status / 1368737036262273024? S = 20 The couple have been walking back and forth since trading on social media footage While from a purist point of view it can be assumed that it is in the best interests of the promotion to book a rematch between Sterling and Yan, Sterling also released a video with former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo in which he said that he was open to skipping a rematch with Yan in favor of this fight https: // twittercom / funkmasterMMA / status / 136872236899 0875650? s = 20 Either way, this new bantamweight saga is far from over, regardless of who’s next in line to win Sterling’s new title TRENDING> Dana White defends Monster Energy after Dominick Cruz became one of the leaders of the Company called Dana White speaks to Aljamain Sterling with Petr Yan’s illegal knee at UFC 259 (subscribe to MMAWeekly) com on YouTube)

The New Orleans Saints released recipient Emmanuel Sanders and reportedly restructured the contracts of offensive lineman Andrus Peat and security officer Malcolm Jenkins on Wednesday, freeing up nearly $ 16 million in cap space. that the Saints release linebacker Kwon Alexander in the coming days, a move that would give another $ 13 million in cap-space March 34, turning 34, would have counted $ 10 million against the 2021 salary cap

Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling battled closely for Yan’s bantamweight belts at UFC 259 on Saturday The end of the fight with Sterling on the canvas resulted in Yan losing his belt, the result came after Yan Sterling an illegal knee in the head when he was a downed opponent Yan’s disqualification came after the umpire determined the blow was intended, as it came after the umpire said Sterling had fallen before the blow Yan was slightly ahead on the scorecard, when the fight stopped it had gone up between 29 and 28, according to two judges, while the third judge had it between 29 and 28 in favor of Sterling.Just before Yan turned in the illegal knee, one of his cornerman yelled to just hit the knee had thrown another of his corner men cheered and seemed to believe that he had won the fight Attributed to a Russian cornerman allegedly yelling at Yan in Russian to kick off this comes from UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who tells commentator Daniel Cormier what he heard from the Russian-speaking cornerman ESPN, which aired the fight , posted a video of the exchange on his Instagram channel Petr Yan’s Corner on Sunday allegedly telling him to kick Aljamain Sterling View this post on Instagram A post from ESPN MMA (@espnmma) TRENDING> UFC 259 recap & highlights: Petr Yan vs. Aljamain Sterling Both Yan and Sterling called for an immediate rematch after the fight. Yan obviously didn’t want to lose his belt like that, and Sterling was just as adamant that he didn’t want to win it like that, UFC President Dana White said he hoped the rematch so soon book as possible after both men are medically cleared for battle Dana White incriminates the controversial illegal knee (subscribe to MMAWeeklycom on YouTube)

Kansas sports director Jeff Long resigned on Wednesday less than two days after the school split from Les Miles. Substitute Kurt Watson will serve as interim sports director if the school is looking for both an AD and soccer coach seeks

The Masked Singer

World news – USA – Masked Singer US takes Bonkers to a whole new level with shock revelation