SATILLA SHORES, Ga – Tuesday the 23rd February, has passed a year since 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was shot while running in the Satilla Shores neighborhood near Brunswick.Arbery’s case now has three men charged with murder, but these arrests came months later after a cell phone video one of the defendants who shows his death appeared online

On Tuesday, the public is invited to a memorial walk and candlelight vigil in Satilla Shores

On a morning when you might expect to see neighbors out and about, the streets in Satilla Shores are quiet.The room that once stood a small memorial is now empty Arbery’s high school soccer coach Jason Vaughn says the community is still clinging to his memory

“A woman in the church, she said every morning, she goes for a walk with her dog,” said Vaughn. “When she goes for a walk with her dog, she expects Maud to come around the corner”

Arbery’s death hit Vaughn hard.He remembers Arbery as a driven linebacker when he played for him at Brunswick High School.But off the field, Arbery’s winning smile and the flare of jokes are what impresses him most

“He made it difficult for me and pecked me a lot. It was fun making me smile,” said Vaughn. “It’s just a little way away from me”

A Community Gathered With Tragedy Vaughn co-founded the 2:23 Foundation with Arbery’s Cousin, a platform that addresses issues of racial injustice where people post online sharing their reasons for running with

“I love Maud like all of my football players,” said Vaughn. “As a teacher, as a coach, you get parts of your heart Ahmaud had a piece of my heart”

On the occasion of Arbery’s birthday last May, Vaughn asked people to run 223 miles and share it online, Vaughn said the response has been staggering

“Over 100000 took this virtual run on Maud’s birthday, “said Vaughn.” The hashtag #IRunWithMaud was viewed over 800 million times that day, “

Coach Vaughn said he was amazed to see how many people across the country were running for Ahmaud Arbery, but he was really touched to see it had a global impact He said celebrities like Oprah Winfrey had completed the virtual run He saw that the posts were shared in countries like North Korea, China and Russia

“People all over the world have done this,” Vaughn said. “It just kind of opened up, it opened up for us to see that we were on the right track”

A path that never gives up Vaughn remembers the last time he saw Arbery just before he died He said, as always, Arbery was on the run and was trying to catch up with him He didn’t say to his surprise, Arbery surpassed him and never got tired

“While I was thinking about Maud, I made a promise that I would not get tired,” said Vaughn. “If I press for justice for Maud, I will not get tired. I will have the same perseverance as Maud and I will keep going”

“We’re going to get out of the neighborhood and do something Maud had a chance to do,” Vaughn said. “As I told the community, please show yourself to support the family”

The 2:23 Foundation is also organizing a virtual run 23 from February and last until the 3rd March People are encouraged to run, walk, or ride bikes 223 miles to #FinishTheRun The Foundation says all proceeds from registration will go directly to the 2:23 Foundation Scholarship Fund It says every dollar will be used for the mission, Providing Scholarships to Minority Youth for Careers in Social Justice. Registration is $ 23. To register, click

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