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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton performed at a soccer camp in South Carolina over the weekend to counsel a group of children hoping to improve their soccer skills

At some point, however, Newton had to respond to a child who pestered him in what appeared to be an offer for social media attention

“You are a free agent,” the player kept repeating, adding that Newton is “ass” “You are about to get poor””

“I’m rich,” Newton replied simply before adding, “Where’s your daddy? Where’s your dad? Let me talk to your dad I’m not talking to a little boy Where’s your dad? Where’s your pop ? “

Newton is wealthy indeed – he’s made over $ 122 million in contracts alone, not to mention his various advertising deals

Of course, the child in question probably got what they wanted: They went viral as many high-profile Twitter accounts commented on their actions

He should probably ask him how to become an MVP in the league you probably want to play in first 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Smh https: // tco / QHj0hYgw1X

The lesson here as always: In the internet age, the loudest person usually gets the most attention

Cam Newton

World news – USA – Observe: Cam Newton reacts to a young Heckler in the youth soccer camp