Warning: This post contains aggressive and harmful language that many women encounter on a daily basis. Reader discretion is advised.

“One time I was talking with a guy and I opened up about being extra stressed with the pandemic going on, and how I was having panic attacks more often to the point where I couldn’t watch the news anymore without spiraling. His response was, ‘Oh my god that’s awful. I’m so sorry.’ Then, less than 30 seconds later, ‘Wanna make out?’ I said I’d rather watch the news and he blocked me.”

“I was briefly on a dating website. Out of nowhere, I got a message from a complete stranger that said, ‘You are so fat and ugly you should kill yourself.’ I quit dating sites after that. Being alone is better than dealing with that kind of negativity and cruelty.”

“This was like six years ago or so. At the time, I was working 3 jobs, 7 days a week, 8–16 hours per day. So, you could say I was busy. This dude messaged me first on a dating app. I messaged back, then he messaged back, but I didn’t see it or respond to it for like 3–4 days because I was busy with life. Once I did respond, he started going off on me like a goddamn sociopath. He started by calling me ‘the George Clooney of responding to people.’ I still don’t know what the fuck that means. Then, he started in on the typical entitled, white male response of calling me fat, ugly, and a slut because I had the audacity to wait three or four whole days to respond to his bullshit message of ‘good morning.’ So, I reported and blocked him.”

“I exchanged a few messages with a guy on a dating app and we were having a very normal, casual conversation when he decided to mansplain how to hold a conversation and sent me this:

‘Dearest [my name], you seem like you could be real cool. And I’m coming off weird for sure, but I thought I’d give a helpful tip that maybe you don’t need because you’re a pretty good-looking lady. It’s hard to strike up a convo if you don’t follow up your response with a question. Okay, that’s my advice. Maybe just not interested and that’s totally okay. What drew you to my profile?

“There’s too many to count, but two stand out the most: First, a guy asked me if I (a Black woman) would be into ‘race play’ with him (a white man) playing my slave master.”

“This is from a guy I chatted with briefly, and he got super intense really quickly (like, talking about meeting my son on our first date and listing all his qualities that would make him a great father). He did not deal with rejection well. He also proceeded to find me on Insta, send me god-awful messages that led me to reporting him and Insta deactivating his account. He then ‘coincidentally’ took a casual job through Airtasker at the same place my sister worked and harassed her for being related to me. He’s popped up on other dating apps attempting to contact me, and I’ve reported him at every turn. He’s actually made me fearful for me and my son’s safety.” —lucyw4588e8b01

“I’m 4’8″, and I put my height on my dating profile like a lot of people do. A guy I’d matched with started the conversation by asking, and I quote, ‘Are you too small to 69; this is my key question?’ Needless to say, he didn’t get a response back.”

“I’m a big girl and I got these two messages basically back-to-back within a day of matching up with these ‘men’ on an app. Why is it that they only think plus-size women are there for their sexual pleasure? Like, you really think I’m SOOOO DESPERATE that I’m going to willingly let you abuse my body just to get your rocks off? Fuck off, that’s what vibrators are for.”

“One time a guy I matched with was weirdly insistent about me wearing a dress on our first date, which was going to be a fast-casual restaurant. Dresses aren’t really my thing so I tried to play it off like he was joking, but he wouldn’t let it go. I canceled on him, then had to block him on Facebook. Lesson learned: Never add someone on socials before you meet them and wear whatever the hell makes you feel comfortable.”

“I didn’t even meet the guy. He went on to tell me that I was being selfish by having a career and that my biological clock was ticking.” —colleenm1971

“I have alopecia, which is an autoimmune disorder that creates hair loss, so my hair is short; but I’m no longer bald. My confidence was coming back and I got back on some dating apps. This guy messaged me and within seconds invited me to ‘stop by’ his house. I declined and stated how I like to meet in public for first, offline meetings. However, this creep says he doesn’t and then throws shade that he likes girls with hair.” —marissaluckpr

“My friend’s long-term partner wanted to match with me. He messaged me a few times and I was finally like, ‘Yo, you know me, I’m *blank’s* best friend. You have kids with her!’ I was sure he just didn’t recognize me but he wrote back, ‘I know. You’ve really grown up and I always thought you were cute. I figured we could see if we could work something out.'”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/shelbyheinrich/women-dating-apps-experiences

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