St Patrick’s Day is traditionally viewed as a holiday for adults, but it can be just as fun for children. With these ideas you can introduce your children to this Irish holiday that has become a worldwide celebration

St Patty’s day wouldn’t be the same without rainbows and gold! Bring some magic into your child’s day with these fun crafts that are easy to make, musical, and can be paired with things you most likely already have around the house (except for the jingle bells)Â Instructions for Rainbow Shaker Wands

Enjoy the greenery while you spend quality time together Let the kids help out the whole of St Patrick’s Day themed food before indulging in Irish culture Some green food ideas: guacamole and fries, green J-ELLO, green candies, fresh fruits and vegetables (celery, avocados, cucumbers, kiwi, melons and grapes, around just to name a few), fresh salad wraps and spinach pesto over noodles We recommend some family-friendly Irish-themed films: The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea and the classic Disney film Luck of the Irish

This craft is more aimed at the preschoolers in your life, but big kids will have just as much fun. These colorful rainbows are simple, simple, and require few items They Will Light Up Your Child’s Day Tutorial For Rainbow Craft

Whether you choose a punch or a milkshake, these recipes don’t just bring St. Patty’s Day is green for your life, but also tastes delicious How does a shamrock punch sound with notes of pineapple and lime? How about a peppermint candy shake with flavors of peppermint and vanilla? Click here for 7 delicious recipes that your children will love to try and help create!

Buy a bag of those classic gold coins that we’ve all loved since we were kids while the kids are busy, a st Patrick’s Day Craft, hide the coins all over the house Let your kids go to search the house and find treasure When all the coins are found, they can indulge in their new golden goodies Want to add a fun twist? Make a rule: you can eat a coin to play one of these fun St. Patrick’s Day facts

There’s something so whimsical about a leprechaun. Children find them fascinating and magical.Allow them to create their own magic by making a pint-sized leprechaun with this adorable craft from Moments of Mommyhood

There really is no better way to learn a culture than through its food A classic St. Ireland’s Patrick’s Day favorite soda bread is a rustic way to celebrate this holiday.Let your kids try making this easy Irish soda bread recipe

The great thing about YouTube is the ability to learn just about anything with the click of a button, find traditional Irish dance and watch your kids laugh and express themselves through dance as you learn about Irish culture learn

Did you know we all have a secret name that we only use for St Patricks day? Check out this goblin name generator and just use your goblin name

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Catching a Leprechaun Can Be Difficult They are little jokes who love to hunt down unsuspecting people See if you can outsmart one of these magical little guys by setting a trap Warning: Legend has it you can Can’t take your eyes off him for even a second, or he’ll disappear

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St Patrick’s Day

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