The Philadelphia 76ers started a multi-week trip home on Sunday evening without their MVP caliber center Joel Embiid versus the San Antonio Spurs. Typically, the 76ers without Embiid fight to claim victories regardless of the strength of their opponent

That wasn’t the case against San Antonio.Everyone burned the Spurs, including the 76ers bank who had trouble many times this season.Philly was aggressive without Embiid and put on a dunk show and three-point shooting clinic when they did the Spurs 134-99 dominated

Now, for the second time this season, the Sixers are returning to court at the Wells Fargo Center to take on the New York Knicks earlier this year, when those two teams met, the Sixers were taking care of business at Madison Square Garden when they defeated the Knicks 109-89 at the time, Embiid naturally led Philly’s offensive efforts as he hit a game high of 27 points in late December

The Sixers have had stellar offensive contributions from Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, so there’s no doubt they’ll be reinforced in Embiid’s absence on Tuesday. As for the rest of the team, as long as everything clicks like Sunday, the 76ers should be back in be able to take care of business as they are preferred over the New York Knicks on Tuesday nights

76ers vs Knicks

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