In an interview with ET, unsuspecting icon Alicia Silverstone told readers that her son Bear is an example of health thanks to his vegan’ diet ‘

According to the star, her son is “so healthy” that he hasn’t needed antibiotics or “any medical intervention” in nine years

A passionate animal activist, Alicia has even posed naked for a PETA campaign claiming she would rather go naked than wear wool

After following a vegan diet for over twenty years, it seems only natural that she would choose a plant-based diet for her son. In nine years, Bear only got sick twice and recovered quickly, which shows his amazing health / p>

In the interview, Alicia raved about how great a vegan diet was for her son

“He’s just so healthy I just want to share this with the world, so people can see that a plant-based baby is really healthy It’s not like they’re just fine. They can do better ”

And Vegans Can Do Better Dozens of athletes and celebrities have spoken about the health benefits of a vegan diet

Just one example is Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, who told Men’s Health: “I have more energy; I am so much more productive

“I wake up feeling much better, clearer in thought and fresher in my body. I recover faster; I sleep better. My skin clears up. I have fewer allergies. There are just so many effects. ”

In another interview, Alicia also cited a vegan diet as a reason for her son’s good behavior

“All I can do is say ‘no thanks” and we respect and listen to each other A lot of it is parenting, but a lot of it is food. When your child feels good, they behave well ”

Alicia said the two of them eat veggie burgers together almost every day, including cabbage, brown rice, quinoa, and kale

Food is a major contributor to our mood, and it has been shown that reducing our intake of processed foods (which usually include meat and dairy products) can make us really “feel good,” as Alicia said / p>

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