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Disclaimer: This article is intended as a general guide and for your entertainment purposes. Please contact your family astrologer

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Chinese descendants can be apologetically superstitious, and it is a tradition to consult astrologers when the new year comes As this week celebrates the Chinese New Year in the region, our fortune teller has some advice for our dear readers

Depending on which tradition the astrologer follows, the new year begins either together with spring or earlier at the winter solstice in mid-December.In this article, we have been following the latter December 2020 the energy shifted from the rat year to the year of the ox Below is a general guide to what is in stock and what to look out for accordingly.But of course, remember that there are many factors that contribute to your own destiny and that life is a cycle of change

The ox is a symbol of industriousness and rudeness, but also associated with indolence and age features.Chinese cosmology is based on the five phases, also known as the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal After the year of the rat That was a fierce year, this year of the ox is a ripening from the high of last year Therefore, this year is marked by a feeling of calm and determination – a time to remember and rest.The ox represents the element earth, which is hard but is very immobile So this is also a good time to plan for the future, but may not be the best year to look forward to much success

The earth element may be very comforting, but it can also make you feel overly sentimental.In contrast to the Year of the Rat, which evoked hidden emotions from the dark depths of the human psyche, this year will show you the more sensitive side of yourself Pay attention to Jealousy and rethinking as even small issues can create emotional turmoil this year On the plus side, this can be a year of romance For those looking to try having a baby, this year is auspicious For singles, this year is self-care and devoted to love, and you may feel as charming as Petrichor get ready for next year as things get a lot hotter

This is where your personal birth certificate is really useful.But very vaguely, because the energy of this year is calm and subdued, the human body is particularly prone to stagnation Lower back, numbness, inflammation, and anxiety can also be problematic for many. Exercise more this year to avoid stagnant energy

Focus On Sustaining Wealth This Year Avoid Big Short Term Investments And Divide Your Money In Long Term Itineraries This is the time to do a lot of planning and planting seeds for the coming year of the tiger Then your calculations will be successful

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