Premier Says Some Coronavirus Restrictions In Place; Turnbull says it’s “incredible” that Morrison didn’t know about Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations on Follow Live

It is time for ‘who is this MP?’ when we reach out to the Chamber before Question Time

#BREAKING New England MP @Barnaby_Joyce could face a challenge in the next general election for Carol Sparks, Mayor of Glen Innes, Cr Sparks, who grew in prominence in the 2019 bushfires, says she’s considering a run, and the Climate change would be their top priority #auspol @abcnews picTwittercom / 7120EW6Pxk

At the end of Josh Frydenberg’s press conference, there was a little kerfuffle for not returning to Network 10’s Peter van Onselen to ask about Linda Reynolds ‘handling of Brittany Higgins’ complaint

PVO followed Frydenberg, who stated that Reynolds had already apologized to Parliament and that the Secretary of Defense was trying to do the right thing through Higgins’ welfare and privacy
After a follow-up on whether he had told the Prime Minister, Frydenberg replied, “If there was a serious allegation like this, I would make sure the authorities knew”

It’s an ambiguous phrase – to throw her under the bus easily because she didn’t tell the Prime Minister, but not explicitly because “authorities” could have meant he would tell the police, not the Prime Minister / p>

The Tveeder live transcript reported Josh Frydenberg that he endorsed a “reliability joke” and “not these members” (he said reliability funds and not these changes), but it’s funny when a Tveeder transcription error is pretty close to the truth comes

We are just under half an hour away from the third Question Time of the week

You could have heard a hair loss yesterday, it was so quiet in the chamber at least for the first half

Queensland is looking for a fossil emblem (I would argue there are some living fossils that already fill that role), and the ACT is creating a crest

Frydenberg also said he was “not at all” concerned that the watering down of Australian corporate disclosure rules would make Australia a less attractive place to invest. Investors themselves don’t think so – they said so when the new regime did allegedly introduced temporarily last May:

With regards to Super, industrial and retail funds have responded to the legislation Josh Frydenberg put before Parliament

Industry Super Australia says the bill “will allow dud for-profit funds to underperform without consequence and generate more than $ 10 billion in profit USD without ever having to justify how much the inflated fees are in the best financial interests of the members “unless the way that returns to members are calculated is changed to include management fees. p>

The Financial Services Council, which is the dwindling but still very important for-profit sector, broadly supports the bill but also wants the benchmark to be changed – but that’s because the funds don’t feel like leaning on to measure the new standard that was set in the EU bill

“We’d like to see some changes to the design of performance benchmarks, though. The custodians of our superannuation system are responsible for $ 3 billion Investing USD in savings and making small changes to trustee decision-making can have a significant impact on capital allocation in the Australian economy, “said CEO Sally Loane

“The FSC is also concerned that while the funds have had to set CPI-linked investment return targets and have measured themselves against those targets on government-mandated dashboards, they are being re-benchmarked retrospectively”

While a lot of emphasis has been placed on what certain politicians like Craig Kelly post about Covid-19 on Facebook, there is an ongoing problem for another politician stopping accounts pretending to post Covid-19 misinformation / p>

A reader this week brought Guardian Australia’s attention to a Covid-themed conspiracy meme that was posted on a Townsville community group apparently sponsored by Vice Labor Chairman Richard Marles, including with his verified account

The account the meme was posted on was removed as a fake account after Guardian Australia brought it to Facebook’s attention and Facebook confirmed that the ad was not from the Marles site

Marles is 92000 followers of one of Labor’s most prolific Facebook users, and Guardian Australia knows his office had to devote resources to reporting fake pages that they claim are him

Josh Frydenberg says he supports a reliable clean energy fund and that he does not support Barnaby Joyce’s “What about coal?” – Changes to the Clean Energy Fund Bill

Josh Frydenberg asked if media negotiating code legislation is redundant when deals – like that of Seven West and Nine – are done in parliament

The first thing to say is that none of these deals would come off if we didn’t have the legislation in parliament

This legislation, this world-leading binding code of conduct, brings the parties to the table and paves the way for news media companies to get paid to produce original journalistic content

As far as the code is concerned, our intent is to make it law, and as you know, the code has a number of basic characteristics

Second, it is based on a mutual exchange of values ​​and unfortunately there is a final bid arbitration model

Third, it is a framework, a permanent legal framework, which is obviously why the parties came to the table

National MP George Christensen has spoken about the Labor Relations Collective Act – and at best massively overrated or at worst deliberately misrepresented the ability to move from casual to permanent work after 12 months

This will ensure that these workers have an absolute right to I heard the stories that it is unenforceable – [about this I say] nonsense, nonsense, nonsense The situation is – if this law is passed, workers will have the right to move from casual to permanent employment after 12 months Workers write and say, “Do you want to convert?” The worker will say “yes” if he chooses – and it will happen. If the boss says “We can’t let you go to permanent work because of Problem X” Problem X needs to be validated. You will have the union movement there breathe down the boss’s neck You will also have the support of Fair Work If there is a dubious reason given, the dubious reason is exposed and the boss must offer permanent employment with that person

The fact is, there is no Fair Work Commission arbitration over the employer’s rejection. Of course, unions can try to shame them for this – but it is unenforceable and it is not an “absolute right” to convert

For those who need a reminder – it was retail funds, not industry funds, that turned out to be the worst

The Your Future, Your Super package is due on 1 Starting July 2021 As part of the package, the superannuation system will be significantly improved by:

· Be Followed by Your Superannuation: Prevent accidental multiple superannuation accounts from being created when employees change jobs

· Easier to Choose a Better Fund: Members have access to a new online YourSuper interactive comparison tool that encourages funds to compete harder for member savings

Holding Funds to Account for Underperformance: To protect members from poor results and encourage funds to cut costs, the government requires pension products to pass an annual objective performance test. Those who fail must be members inform Persistently below average products are prevented from accepting new members

· Increase Transparency and Accountability: The government will increase the accountability of trustees by strengthening their obligations to ensure that the trustees are only acting in the best financial interests of members. The government will also require pension funds to advance to the annual Members ‘meetings to get better information on how they manage and spend members’ money, and to disclose all of their portfolio holdings to members

This will relate to the timing changes in disclosures for companies that Ben Butler reported earlier today

In a fiery excoriation, the Tasmanian arsonist demolished the government for lack of funding in the entire judicial system

“If you think the grief and suicides out there are bad enough, when you have half a conscience, wait until you see what’s coming because it’s a train wreck,” said Senator Lambie on Wednesday opposite Parliament

The merger is proceeding as planned, and key Crossbench Senator Rex Patrick agrees to endorse the bill after the government guarantees a minimum number of specialized family judges

Attorney General Christian Porter has defended the reform, arguing that it will ease long delays for families and fix a broken system

Senator Lambie said overworked family court judges would be asked to act like burger cooks rushing to pump out food on a production line

She said that without a major increase in funding, the merger would do nothing to prevent more harm and misery for the families

“I didn’t sign up for it as a politician. Apparently the lawyer did,” she said

Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke is increasingly pushing for a Tamil family to be reinstated into the community

The federal government is under increasing pressure to allow a Tamil family detained on Christmas Island to return to Biloela

The family has received another reprieve and a court has prevented their deportation to Sri Lanka

However, their fate remains in the hands of the Immigration Minister, who is empowered to issue protective visas to them

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally said the “sad saga” was about to end, and taxpayers were spending $ 50 million to keep the family in custody

“The Biloela community always wanted them to come home,” she told ABC Radio on Wednesday

“Labor has consistently made it clear that the minister should intervene with his powers to allow this family to come home and properly afford their protection claims”

The government firmly believes the family will remain in custody on Christmas Island, and states that their protection claims have been extensively reviewed by several courts

Senator Keneally is confident that the relatively new Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke will see the situation “with new eyes”

She really wants to see the two Australian born children and their parents after more than 1Return to her adopted home in Queensland, 000 days in prison

“And that we will no longer spend taxpayers’ money to keep a family of four who will not pose a risk to the community in immigration custody on Christmas Island””

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