Q: Serena, that was a fabulous number two player in the world It would never get easy She made it difficult for you in the second set, she paused twice How did you make the changes to it to reverse? A: Yes, I just realized I was making easy mistakes with the losing games and knew I had an opportunity to play better. I thought, just stay in there, keep going and that’s what I did

Q: What about the intensity that you brought to court? As the first point of the game, you released a massive returner on the pitch. Did you want to bring that to fruition early on, send a message? A: Not at all I just saw it and it looked like a donut and I made it

Q: Well done you smashed it what about your level now? We feel like you are at the peak at the right time. Was this the best match you have played in this tournament so far? A: I definitely think this is the best match I’ve played in this tournament, for sure I had to go up against world number two I knew I had to do better and I did I’m excited

Q: We’re excited too it was fun to see what’s always evident in you is the incredible ability, the massive serving, the great returns, what was also really notable and eye-catching is your defense This tournament is amazing. Is that something you and your team focused on in the off-season? A: You know, not particularly even though my coach had a long talk with me last year about how to be better at defense We had a lot of time just to work on our movement but not as much in the off-season I have trying to heal to be honest i was just trying to get better i can make jumps and improvements very quickly and i know that throughout my career speed has been one thing super good in my game sometimes i get points and I get balls and I don’t know, I just know that I have the legs to do it I can do it so that it is exciting

Q: Someone you must have paid attention to, your next opponent, Naomi Osaka Phenomenal Player Phenomenal Person What impresses you on and off the pitch about Naomi? A: Gosh, she’s such a strong player on the pitch and she’s such an inspiring person that I find off the pitch which is really cool it’s so nice to see someone so inspiring in both things whether he’s doing his job or not that’s cool for me i was watching her i am sure she was watching me i think this is a great opportunity for me to do my best as the first grand slam of the year for me, had an incredibly long, grueling off-season so I’m really honest with every win I got

The 23-time Grand Slam champion loves the eighth game to love, and after wasting one of her two match points in the next game, she doesn’t waste the second and breaks Halep again to win 6-3 , 6-3 in an hour and 21 minutes

Halep’s serve was completely blown away tonight when Williams addressed 13 break point opportunities, of which she converted six

In the end, Williams countered her appalling casual error count (33-19) by dominating the winners 24-9

The inequality in the strength of the serve between the two players was also glaring Williams won 77 percent of their first serves compared to Halep’s paltry 52 percent

Williams is now 40 Grand Slam semifinals and her ninth at the Australian Open

Halep’s serve is being rigorously tested again, but after falling 0-40 the Romanian saves all three breakpoints

On the next point, she hits the net to give Williams a fourth breakpoint, but she also saves that one with a brilliant pass shot that escapes the American attacking the net

Halep hits it back into the net from the baseline to give Williams a fifth break, but the 23-time Grand Slam champion can’t convert that either as she makes another casual mistake by using her forehand wide from the baseline

Then an unbelievable 20-shot rally ends with Halep sending a forehand far and Williams giving Williams a sixth break point This time the American converts him after Halep hits him in the net!

After more than six minutes, Williams gets the break! She leads 6-3, 4-3 and is used in the second set for a 5-3 lead

Both players really have problems holding their serve in the second set This time Halep is broken and now leads Williams 3-2

Williams is badly disappointed with her casual mistakes. She essentially keeps the Romanian in the competition

She’s now made a whopping 19 more casual mistakes than Halep (26-7) If that trend continues, Williams is heading home before the semi-finals

Casual mistakes galore from Williams gift Halep 0:40 ahead, and she wasted just one of her three breakpoints to take a 2-0 lead

Oddly enough, the Americans’ energy and focus levels seem to have waned a bit in the first two games of this second set, she made nine more easy mistakes than her opponent (10-1)

Halep’s serve is tested immediately in the second set, but after being pushed to three deuces and saving two of her game points, she finally holds the service after six minutes and 24 seconds

ominous for Halep, Williamsâ ???? Record after winning the first set at the Australian Open is 79-2

Aslan Karatsev made history today when he became the first Grand Slam debutant to reach the semi-finals after defeating No18 seed Grigor Dimitrov in four sets

Williams emphatically takes the opening set 6: 3 in 36 minutes and concludes it with a dominant love game

Former world # 1 slid away from Halep as the set progressed, and although Halep was more than tripled due to casual mistake 13-4, she also met 10 other winners (14-4)

Williams also won 87 percent of their first serves, compared to Halep’s 57 percent, which is a huge inequality

Osaka Naomi

World news – AU – Australian Open 2021 LIVE updates: Serena faces Osaka in the semifinals after defeating Halep in straight sets Qualifier Karatsev makes history by taking the last four places Djokovic is preparing for Zverev’s blockbuster

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