After Djokovic complained of “too many injuries” in an interview after the game on the pitch, he was asked at the press conference to go on with his own experiences and how they were compared with those of other players

What he said over the next five minutes would cast doubt on the remainder of the 2021 tennis season

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The World No. I see an urgent need to review pre-tournament conditions following a surge in injuries at Melbourne Park

Djokovic struggled through an abdominal strain, while Matteo Berrettini and Casper Ruud also failed to finish their games in the fourth round

Djokovic fears that most tennis players would rather cancel the 2021 season than complete more quarantine periods in order to be able to participate in the competition

“What we see is not normal, we are not used to it,” he said

“Top players are the strongest In the past this has been proven to be the case. Now you have Berrettini, even Rafa with a back injury, myself, Sascha, fought, Dimitrov

“I mean, obviously it has something to do with the circumstances we were in”

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While Djokovic has been criticized in the past for complaining about hotel quarantine requirements, he urged tennis authorities to be “honest and realistic” about the impact on players

“Talking to a lot of players, the majority of players just don’t want to continue the season when we have to quarantine most tournaments,” he warned

Djokovic said he has spoken to council members and is waiting to see exactly what the requirements for future tournaments might be, adding, “This is definitely not good for the players in terms of their wellbeing”

The challenge for the future, however, is that lower-ranking players are adequately compensated who may not be motivated enough to quarantine for tournaments with less prize money

“Obviously, if you want to talk about financial aspects, this is what we’re getting the prize money we normally get,” he said

“I think that’s one of the main reasons a lot of players have just come and said, okay, we accept a 14 day quarantine”That won’t be the case with the ATP events though, especially at 250, 500. It’s huge discounts

“For the lower ranked players, I’ve heard a lot of complaints I don’t point my fingers at anyone I’m just talking about what’s going on, I’m speaking the truth, I’m speaking the reality, and we need to talk about it

“We have to find a way, you know if it’s an NBA bubble because I’ve heard some players talk about it, and I don’t mind discussing that kind of idea”

To make matters worse, Australia has been widely praised for its handling of the pandemic compared to other countries and the restrictions reflect this reality
However, Djokovic is concerned about future tournaments across Europe, claiming “having heard that there are some countries that do not want to accept people from certain countries because of the strains of the virus””

However, the message from Djokovic was clear – this is a conversation that needs to be conducted – now

“The physical wellbeing of players is a big question mark and I think it needs to be addressed”

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