Danielle Marie Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, exposed Dr Phil last week for sending her to Turn-About Ranch in Escalante, Utah, in 2016, where she was ill-treated for six months when she was 13 years old

The now 18-year-old Bregoli has published two videos on YouTube in which she tells her story One is a recording of a live Instagram video and the other is part of the Breaking Code Silence movement, which encourages people to speak out against institutional child abuse.In these videos, Bregoli describes her traumatic experiences on the ranch

According to Bregoli, she was taken there against her will by two adults who came to her room in the middle of the night, handcuffed her, and put her in a truck to be taken to the asylum

From there, she describes the abuse she was exposed to, for example, she said that for the first three days she was forced to sit in a circle with other students and not be able to shower or move around for hours, so the owners also took Gone her cell phone, failed to send her mother the letters she wrote, and forced the students to either eat food they didn’t like or didn’t feed at all

She said if the students got into trouble, the staff could punish them at will. She described the physical labor she was subjected to, such as hours of walking and “picking up horse shit” “

In one case, she reported that another student had been bullied by a colleague and Bregoli said the staff were telling her, “Well, maybe that’s what they need”

Bregoli went on to describe the trauma she experienced at the Turn-About Ranch This included a worker being murdered by one of the students while she was there. She also said that once she was not allowed to change clothes for so long that she developed a urinary tract infection that the camp’s nurse did not treat

Bregoli said her decision to speak out came after hearing the story of another former student, Hannah Archuleta, who made a statement claiming that she was sexually assured by a male employee while she was at the ranch The then 17-year-old Archuleta alleged after reporting the abuse to staff that she subjected her to both physical and emotional abuse in an attempt to silence her

According to its website, Turn-About Ranch describes itself as a “Christian inpatient treatment program” for “disturbed adolescents” “

Bregoli called Dr Phil, who is no longer a licensed psychologist after his license expires because he sent countless teenagers who appeared on his show to this camp

“Dr Phil, I will be with you from now until the 5th April ask to apologize not only to me but also to Hannah or any other child you sent to Turn-About (ranch) or some other program like this and if you don’t, I’ll get things done on mine Do it wisely, ”said Bregoli

Dr Phil hasn’t responded to the allegations yet, but neither has he been silent. For some reason, he decided that the best course of action to distract from the scandal is to live tweet an episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Bregoli concluded by calling on parents to send their children to behavioral camps like the Turn-About Ranch, and urged them to do their research before they potentially do more harm to teenagers who are already at risk

Thousands have attacked Bregoli for telling her story, stating that she did it out of “clout” “One user went so far as to say she was” ungrateful “since Dr Phil “made her a star”

Honestly, Bregoli has had a lot of scandals But her past doesn’t invalidate her abuse. Regardless, we have to believe the victims’ stories to protect our children and make a difference

By telling her own story, not only does she support victims who have spoken out, like Archuleta, but Bregoli also gives victims who have remained silent the opportunity to feel brave enough to seek help and tell their truth to say if you wish to do so

These children don’t have to be sent to an institution to be punished, they need a support system and must be treated with love and respect, which Turn-About Ranch and Dr Phil, whose show is supposed to be about helping people, didn’t seem to offer anything

Bhad Bhabie

World News – AU – Bhad Bhabie breaks her silence and demands an apology from Dr Phil for condoning abuse

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