It started out so well for Married At First Sight’s first bride and groom, Melissa and Bryce, but in classic MAFS fashion, it didn’t take long for things to go south while we were initially going over raved about the gorgeous couple, last night’s episode showed a very different side to Bryce A side that, if not careful, can lead to the groom being cast as the villain And now, instead of stepping back into the spotlight, the radio announcer seems interested in lighting the flames

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Ahh, MAFS you are like the ocean. One minute you are calm and calm and the next moment your waves crash and throw us in all directions

After such a sweet premiere episode with the shy and sweet workplace trainer Melissa Rawson (31), who works with the also 31-year-old outspoken radio announcer Bryce Ruthven, the viewers were hoping for at least one couple who cleaned the palette a lot Fraud and partner swapping

But unfortunately, our dreams were soon shattered when last night’s episode painted Bryce in a very different light

On the first night of their honeymoon, Bryce responded with an extremely blunt answer after the trainer at work asked her groom if she was his usual type, Maybe Too Dull

“I’m being completely honest, not 100% I’ve always gone for the blonde hair, blue eyes, and the brown type of girl. Someone who is usually taller can’t 100% tell if I have you in one Bar, I’d buy you a drink because I don’t know

“When I saw you I said, ‘Not my type, but she has blonde hair, she’s not ugly” “

The harsh words were answered with a deafening silence by Melissa who previously confessed she has trust issues with men, we wonder why

Bryce didn’t seem to believe that there was anything wrong with his words, and went on, “Were you hoping I’d say you were the most beautiful girl in the world? Is that the answer you were hoping for? Me feel like you”I’m a little hurt by what I said” Ahh, pretty much the detective, Bryce

Melissa and Bryce were the first to get married on the show Will they be the first to fall apart?

Melissa was a little shaken by his answer and kept her cool as long as she could. And when Bryce encouraged her to ask any question she would like, the 31-year-old asked if he was here for the right reasons / p>

The radio announcer immediately insulted the allegation and asked Melissa to apologize to him over the camera. At least someone apologized

Twitter was instantly angry at what they saw on screen, mistaking Bryce for a “gas lighter,” “disrespectful,” and a whole host of other non-family-friendly slurs

And it looks like Bryce’s potential rogue spiral is accelerating rather than slowing, given the 31-year-old recently came out beating up his ex-partner as a “devil”

Talk to Jimmy and Nath on the radio station Hit Hobart 1009 earlier this week, Bryce was asked what his ex-fiancée Lana Bongioletti thought of his new stint on the reality show

“Are you still talking to your ex-fiancé? Did you tell her you would be on the show?”

“The devil?” he laughed then revealed that his ex is not a fan of his MAFS gig and is now in a relationship, “She has a new boyfriend, they live together and, as I was told, they saw the show last night, which is great for.” she I know I wouldn’t want to see my ex with my new girlfriend “

The hosts sought some clarification on what Bryce meant by his’ devil ‘comment and asked if the relationship didn’t end well.’ I ended it, ‘the 31-year-old said,’ There are obviously many things that What happened behind the scenes I just wasn’t happy with her, to be honest “

At the end of the day, we just hope that Bryce and Melissa make it up to them and each find a relationship that is perfect for both of them

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