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Good morning, early riser MinterEllison General Manager Annette Kimmitt left the law firm after her board of directors decided “her services” following an email expressing concerns about the acquisition of Christian Porter as a client no longer needed, “and the Morrison government will cut the price in half by nearly $ 800000 plane tickets It’s the news you need to know with Chris Woods

According to AFR ($), MinterEllison’s managing director, Annette Kimmitt, left the law firm after her board of directors ruled that “her services are no longer needed”. The client “caused injuries” for her and apologized for it, that she had “caused injuries” to the employees

In a response to that email, permanent partner Peter Bartlett had informed staff that he had been personally thanked by the Prime Minister’s Office for advising Porter on historical rape claims and that Scott Morrison and the Attorney General “the Leaders of one of them are the company’s biggest customers “

As The Age reported on Tuesday, MinterEllison is currently working on government contracts worth $ 93 million Some employees have reportedly been concerned about the handling of allegations Porter denies that could endanger this relationship

Company chairman David O’Brien reportedly told partners just before 10 p.m. yesterday evening that Kimmitt had processed them the last day after they had “amicably” agreed upon their departure However, the AFR had reported on Tuesday’s crucial board meeting yesterday when sources initially believed there would be no announcement for about two months, so the company did not cause a “knee-jerk reaction”

PS: On the other side of politics, former labor adviser Anna Jabour posted a comment on newscomAu described the parliament building as the “most misogynistic workplace” she had ever set foot in, and in particular for being “lured to bed” and was never approached again by an older colleague

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The Morrison government will raise the price by nearly 800000 airline tickets as part of a US dollar cut in half 2 billion domestic vacation tourism packages, which ABC says also includes funding from Qantas and Virgin to employ international aviation workers and planes capable of resuming service when the borders resume be opened

50% discount on tickets for flights to and from Gold Coast, Cairns, Whitsundays Region, Sunshine Coast, Lasseter Region (including Uluru), Alice Springs, Launceston and Devonport are offered between April and July, Burnie , Broome, Avalon, Merimbula and Kangaroo Island

Given the propensity of this government to use such systems for kegging pork – ie Sports Rot, Community Safety Grants, the Community Development Grants program, etc. etc – The ABC has put together a practical guide on how these 13 goals tend to align All are either coalition (safe or marginal), work (marginal) or other (marginal), except Avalon (work, safe)

PS: Guardian Australia reports that a Senate committee heard that Infrastructure Secretary Paul Fletcher told division officials that their decision to buy Leppington Triangle land for 30 times its estimated value was “perfectly reasonable” to me appeared

More than 20 disability organizations have called on the Morrison government to abandon a plan that requires all current and future National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants to undergo independent assessments This process, according to ABC reports, will force people to often explain complex assistance to a stranger in less than three hours or risk losing funding

While NDIS plans are currently being determined through reports from medical professionals and professionals, a draft law due to be released shortly and due to go into effect by the middle of this year would force participants to review their assessments from an unknown ally allow healthcare professionals between one and three hours in a session

In a statement posted on the Every Australian Counts website, people with disabilities, their families and lawyers have accused the government of speeding up “tick-a-box” assessments because of “a desire to cut costs”. P>

PS: The Australian ($) reports that the coalition’s labor relations bill is facing a significant crossbench pushback beyond Christian Porter’s absence Stirling Griff calls for changes proposed by the Law Council (ie to give casual workers access to arbitration if an employer rejects a request for conversion to permanent employment, and One Nation to make changes to casual workers, greenfield agreements, protection for workers to request in company agreements and more

According to RenewEconomy, the Australian energy market operator has welcomed EnergyAustralia and announced an accelerated closure date for the Yallourn lignite power plant Reference was made to the shift from 2032 to 2028 – apparently due to the market entry of cheaper renewable energies and the aging of the infrastructure as a location – and a plan for a 350 MW giant battery system as a “considered market reaction to facilitate an orderly transition of the national electricity market”

While EnergyAustralia’s plan was also welcomed by Victorian Energy Secretary Lily D’Ambrosio to invest in employee conversion initiatives, Energy Secretary Angus Taylor unsurprisingly fueled fears of blackouts and electricity prices, and even cited Hazelwood’s closure – even though EnergyAustralia has done well beyond the Victorian government’s five-year notice period – and calling for a “shippable” replacement with no justification for why (The Australian $) Note that Taylor made a 50- Has launched a million dollar fund for this proven energy technology: carbon capture and storage

PS: As RenewEconomy also notes, new data from the Association of the Energy Saving Industry states that the closure of Yallourn could be fully offset by energy savings in households

Finally, The Age reports that Dan Andrews could be sidelined for up to three months after a fall injury, with the Prime Minister staying in Alfred and Prime Minister’s intensive care unit, only stating that there is no “immediate” need for spinal surgery, a government source goes however, assume that the probability that he will eventually have to be operated on is greater than 50%

We are talking about the most serious criminals here, and our country is safer to have deported

The Secretary of the Interior speaks over cozy, exclusive footage handed to Channel 9 and is delighted with the first flight of 2021 to deport New Zealand citizens who have only had to be sentenced to 12 months or more since 2014 in order to do so Visa tear up

“The Prime Minister’s address yesterday at a conference hosted by The Australian Financial Review was comfortable and as usual – with an emphasis on business

“The standard drop to selected media the day before The usual” The Prime Minister Will Say “Morning Article The Congratulations Pabulum by Morrison The Finn’s simple editorial writing – complete with the call to” Team Australia “as if the only team , which the Finn takes care of, is not strictly limited to large companies

“However, the Reserve Bank Governor’s address this morning demonstrated just how far Scott Morrison appears to be from economic reality”

“This morning Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Christian Porter was an” innocent man under our law “

“The Prime Minister previously ruled that there should be no investigation into the suitability of the first Australian judicial officer to maintain his position after a series of allegations of sexism, sexual misconduct and rape. Porter vigorously denies the allegations

“Morrison based his decision on absolutely zero expert opinion and did not seek advice from the Attorney General. His own two cents (and we can take Jen’s guidance) were enough to dispel the grave allegations of a woman who later turned it down Life took ”

“After about a week of madness there is time to pause and reflect. I spoke to a large number of media representatives when the story of Christian Porter played out, asked 1000 questions and mostly answered:” I cannot comment on that”’

“Like all society-shaking stories, this one plays out on two levels: cognitive and emotional. The open narration of the media has focused on the true crime saga, the morality game associated with it, and the deeply and deliberately confused debate about the rule of law”

State election 2021: Liberal leader Zak Kirkup confirms that he will leave politics if Dawesville falls to Labor ($)

The FBI releases footage of people allegedly planting pipe bombs on Capitol Hill in Washington before the riot

To save himself, Prime Minister Reynolds and Porter ($) must sacrifice – Niki Savva (the Australian): “Tony Burke has a remorseful perspective on polls that he often shares with people who believe that Labor should be ahead in each of them SieBurke, one of Labor’s key tacticians, spokesman for opposition industrial relations and staunch supporter of Anthony Albanese, reminds her: “For six years we won the election every weekend – except the weekend when on which it actually took place ‘”

No amount of government subsidies can stop the decline in gas – Bruce Robertson (RenewEconomy): “EnergyAustralia announced that Yallourn will be replaced with a 350 megawatt (MW)” giant battery “expected to be completed by 2026 and four hours Batteries to replace coal, not gas, and it was discovered yesterday that the Australian government had reached out to the Boston Consulting Group to devise a plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in gas-fired recovery money on these generous subsidies, as distributed they may be, will fall on a declining industry that will not stimulate the economy ”

The dysfunctional, calloused royal family is a deeply strange thing to hang our wagons on for Australia – Martin McKenzie-Murray (Guardian Australia): “Imagine you are born into a silk straitjacket and then up pushed up a theater stage if you cut the cord you are now a regular part of the UK public life.As a child, your chatter will take over a kingdom. At 12, it will be your heartache – millions will see your little legs behind your mother’s coffin shuffle ”

Professor Ross Garnaut will be discussing his news book Reset: Restoring Australia After the Pandemic Recession in a discussion with Executive Editor of The Mandarin Chris Johnson

This Mandarin Talks event takes place from 1300 to 1400:00 AEDT takes place and is available to Mandarin Premium subscribers

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Secrecy the year Crikey asks the questions we didn’t get answers to in 2020

My goodness – now my thoughts are gone again
Now I wonder if Scotty called FM Bartlett and “announced his displeasure” at Kimmitt’s remark – while thanking him for taking over Porter – and (like a PR bubble) any idea of ​​the value of his government’s business for the festivities?
If it “went through his head” to Scotty during the same call, he would also ask something like, “How much business are we doing for you, Bartto?” I bet there are others who would do anything for it ”

… And a truth in the rumor that the parliament building is to be renamed “The Frat House”?

“NDIS by Numbers”?
If the form is a guide, I wonder if there is some kind of “incentive” for the returns business to save money by denying access to as many as possible (for whatever reason) becomes

This also brings the additional “bonus” that Scotty FM and his knot can take the blame for such a “farming out” if this, their latest merde, inevitably hits the fan – and against that already Sagging to be splashed “Over-fertilized wall

And bastard For a moment reading this quote, I thought Spud got serious and talked about deporting himself and the rest of his government?

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