Shark pilot Mawene Hiroti opened the scoring in the fourth minute with a try after William Kennedy had done some good preparatory work

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Chad Townsend then produced a spot-on cultivator for Josh Dugan to dive and watch the sharks reclaim the lead

Justin O’Neill and Josh Dugan had to face a head fight in the 22nd Minute to be taken off the field for an HIA

Ronaldo Mulitalo then sustained a leg injury that put the Haie under pressure with their reserves for the second week in a row

Braden Hamlin-Uele prepared Matt Moylan with a beautiful flick-pass to score four attempts in the first half for the Sharks

Hiroti then reached out to the vendor to try William Kennedy four minutes before the break to stagger the cowboys

Tracey then lunged for a ball to seal a double in the first half and give the Sharks a 30-point lead during the break

Debutant Batter Wilton scored the first try of the second half to see the Sharks overtake 40 points

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