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YouTuber David Dobrik apologized on Tuesday night on his podcast channel covering rape and sexual assaults against former and current members of his Vlog Squad crew
Widely known for rarely engaging in controversy, Dobrik titled the two-minute and 30-second long video “Let’s Talk,” and turned off the comment-and-likes-to-dislikes ratio

Earlier Tuesday, Insider released an investigation that included allegations of a woman who said she was raped while filming a 2018 Vlog Squad video that was posted on Dobrik’s channel, which she said was reported by members of the Vlog teams got alcohol and got intoxicated to the point of blackout Then, she said, she was involved in group sex with Dominykas Zeglaitis (aka Durte Dom), to which she could not agree

In February, former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois spoke out and said he was tricked into kissing Dobrik’s right-wing husband Jason Nash in a 2017 video, Francois said it was non-consensual and a sexual assault there he had the illusion that he was kissing model and influencer Corinna Kopf, who was wearing a mask, rather than Nash, a 45-year-old man

In his apology video, Dobrik said, “Consent is something that is super, super important to me.” He continued, “Whether I’m shooting with a friend or a stranger, I make sure that any video that I bring out that person’s consent has “

Dobrik did not go into the details of the two allegations, instead referring to a prosecutor and an alleged participant

“I’m sorry about the Seth situation, Seth,” Dobrik said. “I just want to make videos where everyone who attends is having fun and having a good time. I missed the mark with that, and I really am sorry I really am “

“I have been really disappointed with some of my friends and that is why I broke up with many,” he said, specifically mentioning Zeglaitis. He added that he did not stand for any kind of wrongdoing “

In the apology, Dobrik referred to “times when people change their minds” and appeared to suggest that consent was retrospectively withdrawn in certain situations his videos were involved in

The claim mirrored statements by Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire about Francois. Father said Francois agreed at the time but has since gone back. Dobrik said if that happens he will “take the video down”. in which Francois von Dobrik and Nash played a prank were not listed

The video Sire posted in defense of Dobrik was initially praised by Dobrik’s fans. Since then, it has been widely criticized as a “victim” Francois and its story invalidated. Sire took the video down after less than a week and apologized that he “didn’t expect it to hurt so many people”

In his apology, Dobrik also appeared to be referring to content that viewers found uncomfortable or offensive, such as a video of him and Nash disguising themselves as Indians or other vlogs with Francois that included racially insensitive jokes / p>

“There were also moments when I looked back on videos and found that they no longer represent me and harm other people, and I don’t want them to show up,” he said

Dobrik ended the video by saying that his main purpose with his content is “to make people happy and to inspire people”” He said he was sorry that he let his fans down and that he learned from his mistakes

“I also believe that actions speak much louder than words,” he said. “You can take my word for it that I will change, but I will also show you and prove you that mistakes I made before will not appear again “

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World News – AU – David Dobrik apologized in a new video after a woman accused a member of the 2018 Vlog Squad of rape