A racy new tourism campaign for South Australia meets with disbelief and suspicions that it may be an April Fool’s joke

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A racy new tourism campaign for South Australia inviting Aussies to “go south with their mouths” for a purple-tinted image of a vineyard is met with disbelief and suspicion that it is an April Fool’s joke / p>

The campaign image that’s going wild on social media was posted overnight along with a YouTube channel and social media page

It includes a video with a narrator seductively talking about aerial overflights of vineyards and coastlines, as well as images of wines and cocktails being poured into glasses

The campaign is planned to run over six months in traditional, non-home, digital and social media channels and is supported by ongoing content and PR activities

“Although we cannot travel overseas, South Australia is a web of exciting, multicultural cuisine that industry workers from around the world call home,” the press release reads

“In our diverse bag of Australia live top chefs, industry-leading winemakers and producers of the most coveted organic delicacies”

However, there is fierce speculation that the campaign is a potential April Fool’s Day joke on social media, despite being released yesterday as local tourism authorities say they have nothing to do with it

Congratulations South Australia Tourism on their early April joke (not confirmed to be a joke, but I would definitely love it) Twittercom / hqT0J3Px5f

Can someone please explain the matter to me? Is this some kind of encrypted reference to the Hindmarsh Island Bridge Royal Commission? A – Cough – Foodie Festival? https: // tco / uiii5tzTKq

The campaign press release quoted a Taste Down South representative, Clarke Reid, but Newscomau was unable to find any evidence that it exists online and the phone number provided came to voicemail after ringing several times / p>

An Adelaide office address is listed on the campaign website However, the address appears to be a “virtual office”

The website domain information shows that it is registered with ICBM Pty Ltd on the Gold Coast

The directors of ICBM are the same two entrepreneurs who started an infamous campaign for the Northern Territory

In a podcast last year, Adam Blackburn and Blaze Tripp revealed that they had created the “CU in the NT” brand

“We’re just a couple of guys turning some ideas upside down,” Blackburn said at the time

The Northern Territory tourism authorities also welcomed an advertising standard that said the tagline was “obscene and offensive”

It was said that the campaign was clearly designed to “highlight letters to create a strong reference to the word” c *** “””

“The board noted that research into community standards on language had shown that the community viewed the” C word “as obscene and unsuitable for advertising in any way.”

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Walk your mouth south

World News – AU – Disbelief in new South Australia tourism ad

Source: https://www.news.com.au/travel/australian-holidays/disbelief-at-new-south-australia-tourism-advert/news-story/01893095de258ce8e4f9ada3e28c953e