“Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early in the morning when it was still dark” (John 20: 1)

The Easter vigil in the early church may have ended at dawn and reserved the preaching of the Gospel for the moment of sunrise. Mary’s arrival at the tomb to anoint the dead body of Jesus takes place while the darkness falls before the light retreats of dawn, symbolizing both the new day and her gradual realization that the Son was risen, that her teacher and beloved friend were alive

But the fourth gospel must first confirm the order of authority in the early church, so Mary’s moment is postponed as she searches for Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved, the chosen leader of the apostles who is still through his denial and His failure is shaken, priority is given to seeing the empty tomb, and then the disciple who sees the arranged shroud and face-covering will be the first to believe What authority has yet to understand, love intuitions, yet none of the apostles understands the scriptures the resurrection signals this privilege is reserved for Mary, who still returns to the grave in sorrow

Her story is told next, and her symbolism is so rich that it overwhelms us.The new Adam is revealed in a garden after turning the tree of the cross into the tree of life, the first witness to this triumph over sin and death is a woman who first thinks he is the gardener Through her tears she hears the voice of the master calling her name Her love story with Jesus, who remains true to his death, is the first look at the New CreationJesus is the pioneer of our salvation, The first of many brothers and sisters who will share his victory. We are not meant to vanish like dust in the wind, but were created for glory, members of the beloved communion within the Holy Trinity

We celebrate Easter not only because something wonderful has happened for Jesus, but because we are offered what happened for him: Life forever with God and one another. Mary, the first apostle and preacher of the Good News, is the first who knows that “God will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or sorrow or weeping or pain, for the old order of things is gone.” – Revelation 21: 4

What we learn from our celebration of Easter 2021, a year of such great loss, suffering and death, is that love overcomes death, that God keeps every promise, and that those who serve others live forever Those who give their lives for others will rise like the star of the day, witness the rising sun, push back the darkness and welcome the beginning of new hope and a renewed life Happy Easter

Pat is the former editor of our sister publication Celebration and also served as the NCR cartoonist.After retiring in 2016, Pat continues to contribute to NCR with his Francis comic and pencil preaching, please contact him at patrickjmarrin @ gmailcom

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Happy Easter 2021

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