Eric Bana’s outstanding performance in his new Australian film is causing a stir – and for that he has to thank his wife

The actor plays Detective Aaron Falk in the film adaptation of The Dry, an exciting Whodunnit based on the 2016 international bestseller by Australian author Jane Harper

But if it wasn’t for Bana’s 23-year-old wife, Rebecca, he might never have come across the book. She was the one who urged him to read the novel and, as she predicted, he was addicted

“I always listen when it comes to my wife and books,” the 52-year-old tells 9Honey Celebrity as he promotes the film, “She has an amazing track record, I think every adaptation I’ve been involved in – and there were some – is the result of a handover over the pillow, with the exception of Black Hawk Down, my wife read the book and recommended “

” with every adaptation

In The Dry, Bana plays a federal police investigator who returns to his regional hometown in Victoria after his childhood friend, Luke Hadler, allegedly killed his family in a suicide.But to solve the shocking crime, Aaron must do this first Revisiting the puzzle Luke found himself in when they were teenagers

Through a series of haunting flashbacks, Aaron begins to wonder if the tragic events could have been prevented all those years ago

“I loved it as a thriller. Because of the way the landscape was portrayed, I was instantly and emotionally attached to the story,” reveals Bana. “I think Jane Harper writes so vividly that I could just watch the film. And then, selfishly, selfish, you plant yourself in the middle of the main character Aaron Falk and I just thought it would be an amazing thing to be a part of “

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In fact, after reading the book, Bana excitedly signed up for the film before the script was even written. When he learned that Australian director Robert Connolly was directing, he knew he was in good hands

Not only did the creative duo collaborate on the critically acclaimed Romulus drama, My Father, in 2007, but have shared an office in Port Melbourne and built a strong friendship for the past 10 years

“Making films is a gift and I have to pinch myself that I’m going to be a film director,” 53-year-old Connelly told 9Honey Celebrity, “But the fact that I’ve made a lot of friends over the 20 years of my career and can work with them is just wonderful. I couldn’t believe my luck when I got the opportunity to come on board as a director “

It was a no-brainer for Connolly that Bana was the perfect actor to star in. In his eyes, it was time for Australia to have its own detective, and Bana fits right in

“Aaron Falk is someone who has been corrupted by secrets and secrets in the past So you need an A-Triple Plus actor who can actually give you that kind of story. You know, 25 years of damage bubbling under it, “explains Connolly.” It’s really difficult. It’s not about being ostentatious as an actor – it is is about playing a very nuanced, refined and subtle type of performance while you find your way through it

“The British have the James Bond films, the Americans have the Jack Reachers It’s an Australian detective who else would play it?”

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The film was shot back in 2019 in the Wimmera area of ​​Victoria, just a four-hour drive from Melbourne.After a careful search to bring to life the place that Harper vividly depicts in her book, Connolly stumbled upon the area and was immediately enchanted The locals were welcomed by the cast and crew alike and welcomed with open arms

“It had to be authentic. We wanted people who live in the Australia region to be portrayed,” remembers the director. “We shot around the region in around 15 satellite cities. Without expectation, people made real estate available, they were extras, they were in [the movie] I mean, even to get the crew out of there, there wasn’t enough room. Some people moved in to release a house so we could stay in. Pretty unbelievable “

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And Bana hopes to be able to make more films here on home soil – it’s all about finding the right project

The actor has waited 13 years since Romulus, my father, to discover yet another great Australian film to put himself in and he hopes he doesn’t have to wait that long for his next local production

“I’m really desperate to find projects like this, but they’re really, really rare,” admits Bana, who is also a producer on The Dry. “Writing this quality is the same with Romulus, my father, that [Robert and I] did together 13 years ago It’s hard to find original works of this standard So we are very happy with the end result

“We feel pretty random that something of this quality and stature has finally come across in a way that we could both be involved because it’s pretty rare. Both Romulus, My Father, and The Dry are straightforward when it comes to literary works so special and we couldn’t feel more proud and happy to be part of both “

The Dry

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