SCHOFIELD, Wis (WSAW) – It’s not hard to tell that Angel Marten’s favorite party is Halloween If you walk past her house on Ridgeland Avenue in Schofield, the 79 Jack-o’ -lanterns in the front yard speak for themselves

“I love pumpkins, I’ve always loved Jack-o’-lanterns,” Marten said “I have this big wall and I just felt we had to do it This is the display perfect “

For the past 12 years, family and friends have helped Angel carve the monstrous amount of pumpkins for everyone to walk past and enjoy The carving takes place the weekend before Halloween, which means the pumpkins stayed up all week; people have noticed

“It’s amazing because all week we will have people coming in during the day and saying, ‘Oh I love this every year, I love to drop by and see this and I can’t wait for you guys turn them on and every year we have to come and have a look, “Marten explained with a smile.” It’s all week Even before Halloween comes around I get people saying, ‘Are you going to make your pumpkins?’

Marten says there are no plans to end the Halloween tradition anytime soon, adding that it’s great to be able to provide festive decorations for the neighborhood and the community.

“In my opinion, Halloween is the best party,” said Marten “We have so much fun Kids are just kids, have fun We need more of this Kids are so forced to grow up so fast and on Halloween they can just be a kid and have fun “

As for how many pumpkins people can expect to see in the yard, Marten says they’ve almost hit their peak at 80

“We’re about 80 years old We dwell on this, otherwise I think we start piling them up in places that seem weird,” Marten said “I would like to do more but my very patient and loving husband; likes to call a limit around 80 “


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