Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of Hollywood’s most popular couples and are still as in love today as they were 37 years ago

And even now, the celebrity couple are still finding new milestones, spotting the latest one on the Ellen Show on Monday

Host Ellen DeGeneres asked her if they’d done a lot of interviews together, to which Kurt replied, “We didn’t do many together, no we talked about it the other day, so this looks like a first Ellen”

Goldie and Kurt met in 1966 while filming The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, and it wasn’t long before they fell in love

“I love the way he looked at my kids. It was really special and that was he’s good with kids and I thought, ‘that was amazing,’ “Goldie said to Ellen

“I had a boyfriend back then that was hard because I had to call him and tell him we were done and that I had found someone and that I was so sorry,” she added

She turned to Kurt and said, “And I think you had some kind of girl that you saw too?”

On falling in love, the mother of three added, “It was really interesting because I fell in love, but I fell in love too. And these are two pretty big deals”

Goldie, who shares children Kate and Oliver Hudson with ex-husband Bill Hudson, and Kurt, who shares son Boston Russell with ex-wife Season Hubley, welcomed son Wyatt Russell, who was the first time dad

Wyatt and Mrs. Meredith Weasel are expecting their first child The news was recently announced on Instagram

Last week, Meredith shared some cute photos from her baby shower that was attended by sister-in-law Kate and Goldie – who is slated to be a grandmother for the seventh time

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