The managing director of investment firm AMP will resignAccording to AMP, Francesco De Ferrari will retire once the company completes a portfolio review

FIFA has selected Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to host the 2023 Women’s World Cup

If you are in desperate need of vacation after a year in the shadow of the coronavirus, you are not alone and today is the day to book it

The federal government is spending $ 1 billion on a stimulus package to get Australians to spend big bucks on domestic travel to support the struggling sector

Foreign travel is not possible until October at the earliest, so it makes sense to travel at home

Thirteen regions are included in the program, which offers half-price airfares for the country’s three major airlines: Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin

The tickets are available from today until the end of July and can travel through until the end of September

Tickets are to be reduced by 50 percent after prices in February, but prices will be demand-driven and peak times will cost more

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) will monitor prices to ensure that no scooping occurs

Airlines benefit directly from the program, so RMIT’s James Gilchrist Stewart believes it is unlikely that they will raise their fares

“However, since JobKeeper ends at the same time as these cheap airfares, there is a chance lodging providers and tourism companies will raise their prices,” he says

“The bigger question here is whether day trips, equipment rentals, and food and drink suddenly become more expensive as tourism businesses are desperate, especially since autumn and winter can be quiet at best

Chrystal Zhang of RMIT says demand, the time of day of the flight and the airline will all have an impact on prices

She says there will likely only be a limited number of half-price plans available for the first few weeks

“Bargain hunters should check out routes like Darwin to Cairns, Adelaide to Gold Coast, and Avalon to Gold Coast, with one-way fares likely to drop between $ 50 and $ 80,” says Ms. Zhang

“Travelers have the best chance of getting a lower fare if they travel later in the eligible period (July, August and September) but avoid school holidays and weekends,” she


Queensland has four destinations on the list, but Brisbane is not one of them – which is good news as most states advise people not to travel there

The best option is to plan as far in advance as possible and hope that more people will be vaccinated to limit the effects of localized clusters

Dr Stewart says the constant threat of border closings makes vacation planning a major concern

“Every airline, every hotel and tourism operator has its own terms and conditions If there’s a lockdown or something like that, consumers have to get multiple contracts for one vacation, “he says

So buyers should be careful and have options up their sleeves in case they need to change their plans

Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of Transportation Michael McCormack says not every destination has been announced and calls it a “first list”

Travel within states has also been omitted: Queenslanders, for example, miss the flight prices to the Whitsundays

Hopefully with the introduction of the Australian vaccination program there will be fewer outbreaks and everyone can enjoy their vacation

We recognize the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islander as the first Australians and traditional administrators of the countries where we live, learn and work

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