A fourth woman has made allegations against a former Morrison government employee who is at the center of a political crisis that is rocking the House of Parliament

Two hotel quarantine nurses became the first people in Western Australia to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Four thousand five hundred doses of Pfizer BioNTech vaccine arrived at Perth Airport yesterday and were stored overnight in a pharmacy freezer at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) at minus 80 degrees Celsius

It is the first COVID vaccine to be approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

“This is a landmark day indeed for WA as we are launching the largest vaccination program the country has ever seen and certainly the largest we have ever seen in WA,” he said

“We are very excited about this program, a lot of work has gone into planning”

Nurses Antonia Garza and Keita Winks were the first to be vaccinated in WA, and said it was no different than any other shot

“We both worked on it for a long time, we are both passionate about vaccines,” said Ms. Winks

“I understand people are scared and hesitant, and there is a lot of misinformation about it that scares people, but I’m all for it”

“Vaccines save lives, reduce the burden on the health system When we do this, we also protect the vulnerable – there are so many positive aspects, “said Ms. Garza

Both Ms. Winks and Ms. Graza said they did not experience any symptoms after receiving the shot

WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan said the first vaccines were given in a hotel quarantine facility in town

“We plan to make this available to our hotel quarantine workers, our dockers who work with ships and overseas crews, and our airport workers,” he told ABC Radio Perth

“And the Commonwealth will also employ geriatric nurses”

Tell us a little about yourself and we will tell you where you are in the queue for the COVID-19 surge

More than 330 people will receive the vaccine today as part of the state government’s rollout in WA, with priority given to healthcare workers, hotel quarantines, border officials, and residents and public elderly care workers
Aegis Aged Care Group’s Kingsley facility staff and residents were some of the first to receive doses in WA today

Dr Robertson said that 5 every week for the next three weeks000 doses of the vaccine would arrive in Western Australia before shipments expanded

“This is a logistically complex operation The fact that it is being carried out simultaneously across the country underscores the complexity of the operation,” he said

“I am pleased to say that [today] went very well It was great to see the vaccine arrive this morning and the first doses being taken

“As more doses arrive, we will increase vaccinations and the number of clinics available – including the fulfillment centers at PCH and in Albany, Broome, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Port Hedland, and in the regional ports”

Dr Robertson said it was expected that everyone in Western Australia would have the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of 2021

“Further details on access to vaccination will be disclosed in the various priority groups as soon as they are eligible and fully disclosed to the wider community thereafter

“While the Australian government supports and encourages immunization, it is not compulsory and, as always, individuals retain the ability to choose whether or not to want the vaccine”

Paul Effler, senior medical advisor to the Directorate of Communicable Disease Control, said the international vaccine experience has been positive

“After nearly a year of difficult decisions and many sacrifices, WA is in the enviable position of being able to vaccinate our community before we had widespread transmission,” he said

“So this really marks our transition from reactive to proactive, from defense to attack against COVID-19 and this virus”

“60 million people have already been vaccinated in the US and around 17 million in the UK Both countries have really good security surveillance systems and we have not seen an unfavorable security signal, that is an enormous security database

“We can learn from Israel, the country that vaccinated the most people, the largest percentage of its population, that this vaccine is effective against death, hospitalization and even transmission”

Mr McGowan said while he appreciated that some people were nervous about the vaccine, it was a “good thing” to be vaccinated

“It’s one of those things that is going to happen and I think people will get used to it,” he said

“I think people should get vaccinated, I think it’s a good thing, the science is there

“If you want to save your own life, if you want to save your family’s life, if you want to protect the community, this is a good thing

“The vaccine is not compulsory So the people who march [against] don’t have to have it

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