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Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company announced a 20-minute presentation. Though there’s no word on what to expect, fans are hoping for some big news as today’s day is just a day before Pokemons 25th Birthday is (red and blue for the first time on 27 Released in Japan February 1996)

If you want to make sure you are around to read the news when it falls, head over to the Pokemon official YouTube channel that is streaming the presentation or check out the broadcast below that will digital event begins at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET / 3 p.m. GMT However, if you want to get on the hype train early, you can wait for the show to start right away

The expectations of the fans for the event are pretty high Many hope to see remakes of the fourth generation games in the series, Diamond and Pearl, or a let’s go remake of the second generation games, Gold and Silver, rumors of the former have been around for a while, but another leak , which was released last night, claimed that in addition to “Weird Chibi 3D” Gen 4 remakes, an “open world” game can be expected to play in a “feudal” version of the Sinnoh region

We’ll have to wait for the show to start to get official confirmation, of course, but it looks like Diamond and Pearl fans could be very well served by Nintendo today

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