The win gave Brady a seventh championship – his first since joining Tampa Bay this season

Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl (31-9) on Sunday night as he drove the Tampa Bay Buccaneers past the reigning Kansas City Chiefs in a game under the shadow of a deadly pandemic and a politically and politically-ravaged nation / p>

Brady, 43, played off his much younger counterpart Patrick Mahomes to deliver his first title to the Buccaneers, who signed Brady to a two-year deal in the off-season after spending two decades with the New England Patriots

The title was the second in Tampa Bay history, and Brady and his offense scored 30 or more points in all four playoff games

The Buccaneers, the first team to play a Super Bowl at their home stadium, also relied on two other newbies to close in. Rob Gronkowski got two touchdowns and Leonard Fournette had a quick score and 89 yards Fournette made before this season Sacked by the Jacksonville Jaguars, had four touchdowns in the playoffs

Trying to become the first team to win consecutive titles since the Patriots did so in 2003 and 2004, the Chiefs never launched their strong offensive with the Buccaneers capping Tyreek Hill, the fast top -Recipient of the Chiefs, and Mahomes, 25, played on an injured toe and without two offensive tackles he was forced to crawl all night

The double-digit loss was the first in Mahomes’ short but brilliant career. He finished the game 26 for 49 passes and 270 yards with two interceptions. Several of his passes were dropped or hit receivers in the face mask

Brady, who led the Buccaneers to wins in Washington, New Orleans and Green Bay in the playoffs, was ruthlessly efficient.He completed 21 of 29 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns. Gronkowski got six passes for 67 yards

The buccaneers defense was even more impressive The front of Shaquil Barrett, Jason Pierre-Paul and Ndamukong Suh ate up the Chiefs’ offensive tackles and pressured Mahomes all night

The possibility of a Buccaneers championship seemed slim in November when they lost three out of four games, falling to 7-5. Brady seemed out of sync with his receivers

But the Bucs won their last four regular season games 11-5 and won four more times in the postseason Brady found his rhythm with his receivers and Gronkowski, who retired to join New England after their years together Returning Brady

“We had a difficult month November,” said Brady. “We got together at the right time”

In addition to extending his record for Super Bowl titles by winning his seventh ring, Tom Brady has been named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player for the fifth time

When CBS’s Jim Nantz asked him to compare his most recent win to his previous Super Bowl titles, Brady turned it down, but with his three kids by his side, he hinted that he was ready for an eighth championship next season hunt

A near-flawless Tom Brady clinched his seventh Super Bowl record on Sunday, won a duel with young rival Patrick Mahomes, and polished his legacy as the greatest quarterback in NF.L. History by leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs

Brady’s Super Bowl title – at the age of 43 and in his first season with the Buccaneers – joins the six he won as a member of the New England Patriots (2002, 2003, 2005, 2015, 2017, 2018) He now has one more win than the Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the two most decorated franchises in NF.L. History

He finished 21 of 29 for 209 yards and three touchdowns, including two for his former Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski, who joined him in Tampa that season.His three touchdown passes gave him 21 in his Super Bowl career, one more than the sum of the two quarterbacks behind him, Joe Montana (11) and Terry Bradshaw (9)

Tampa Bay, the first team to play a Super Bowl on their home field, was the first to win there, too. It’s the buccaneers’ second championship The team won its first in 2002

“I think we knew this was going to happen, right?” He asked his teammates from the stage after receiving the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Mahomes, 25, a former league most valued player and last season’s Super Bowl champion, finished 26 of 49 for 270 yards but was intercepted twice and tormented in the second half

Brady, in 10 previous trips to the N.F.L.The championship game had never had an easy win until Sunday. In all but one of his six previous wins, both teams were within a point apart

The closest Brady to a Super Bowl blowout was a Patriots 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams two years ago, and that game’s final 3 points came in the last minute and 16 seconds

The second largest margin on a Brady win was a 6-point win in Super Bowl LI extra time in February 2017 when James White scored a touchdown on a throwing game to secure the championship for New England

With his three children by his side, Brady declined to compare this year’s buccaneers to his patriotic teams, but said the team got together at the right time and indicated that they were loaded into the game with confidence

“Every year is amazing,” he said, “and this team is forever world champions You can’t take it from us””

Winfield cancels a fourth pass destined for Hill, then shows up to mock the recipient with his own celebration

The buccaneers’ line of defense is really after Mahomes now as the clock rolls on Jason Pierre-Paul has been called in to rough the passerby for a heavy hit after Mahomes got a blow earlier in the voyage but Tampa Bay – knowing that he has no choice but to fall back and fold – is now over him at every game

After a short delay, if a passing game takes too long to develop, it is Ndamukong Suh’s turn. Mahomes, who tries to buy time, never sees it coming and is blown

Patrick Mahomes’ pass to 4th Mahomes averaged a career high of 125 scramble yards per dropback tonight # SBLV | #ChiefsKingdom ImageTwittercom / 3Fk6G79f1C

Expect a lot from Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette from now on, but this game has – as announced – activated the quarterbacks

Tom Brady has another notable performance on the NF.L.The biggest stage, which is not surprising, but Patrick Mahomes was poor because he didn’t have a better word, which is unexpected

Brady was almost flawless and completed 20 of 26 passes with three touchdowns and non-stop in the first three quarters Mahomes looked better on his last run, but he is limping (grass toes) and has not led his team into the end zone


Mahomes is running for his life to his right this time around, hurling a 30-yard pass parallel to the ground as he throws it, which is deflected at the goal line

The Chiefs throw in the fourth quarter and crawl closer to the end zone.But after driving to the 11-yard line, a third game tells the story of their frustrating night: Mahomes circles until he’s chased back to 30, and he throws a ball in the direction of the end zone into which it falls incompletely

Mr Irrelevant occupies a special place in the annals of N.L. Esotericism Every year since 1976, the last player in the draft has been crowned with the title, which means he was good enough to be selected, but only on the bubble of football purgatory known as the free agency

Since Paul Salata, a former N, there were 45 Super BowlsFL. Player, gave the first Mr. Irrelevant award as an ironic celebration of perseverance and happiness According to Salata’s daughter Melanie Fitch, however, only two were Mr Irrelevant have played in the Super Bowl

The first, Marty Moore, was a linebacker for the New England Patriots in the 1996 season and lost the Super Bowl to the Green Bay Packers. The second Mr. Irrelevant Ryan Succop, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker, kicked an extra point on Sunday to win the first Mr. Irrelevant to score points in the game Since then, he has added three more extra points and a 51-yard field goal

“Finally a relevant Super Bowl player,” said Fitch with a firm tongue on his cheek, “We’re going to watch Succop Everything else is irrelevant”

Succop, 34, was last drafted in 2009 and played five seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, then seven more years with the Tennessee Titans The Buccaneers signed him as a free agent in September and he had one of his best statistical years with 90 years ago 3 percent of his field goals

Despite his success in the league, Succop retained his role as Mr. Irrelevant Two years ago when the draft was in Nashville and he was with the Titans, Succop helped announce Caleb Wilson, a close end that was last elected now he has set the bar for his colleague Mr. Irrelevant

Brady just missed a touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone – his first mistake after nine straight completions – and then chases a faulty snap for a big loss, but Succop saves Tampa Bay by scoring a 52-yard field goal -Try sneaking over the bar

The Kansas City Chiefs, who are 28-9 behind in the middle of the third quarter, look like they have a big hill to climb

But let’s not forget that Tom Brady and New England Patriots fell behind the Atlanta Falcons (28-3) four years ago in the third quarter of the Super Bowl

And 19 points is the second biggest deficit the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has faced in the playoffs.His greatest worth – 24 points – was in the playoffs last year and he led the Chiefs back to a win over the Houston Texans

Tampa Bay wins this game on the border, and it takes place on both sides of the ball.It was no secret that by a big margin in the second half the Buccaneers would rely heavily on Fournette to burn off the time and the To wear down Chiefs Kansas City had to know it was coming, and yet Fournette could tear off a 27-yard run for a touchdown

Hi boy Mahomes is dismissed in the Chiefs’ second game after touchdown and then throws deep onto Hill – only to get the ball straight into the waiting arms of Buccaneer’s defender Antoine Winfield Jr in the Chiefs 45 (Mahomes is now 0 for 7 in third place)

Antoine Winfield Jr grabbed it before it hit the floor 👀 @ AntoineWJr11 @Buccaneers 📺 #SBLV on CBS picTwittercom / Iptoy0DDZs

Well, that was quick. The Bucs answer the field goal with 74 yards in six games – one of which is a devastatingly easy completion from Brady to Gronkowski in the middle – and Leonard Fournette ends it with a 27-yard touchdown on the right End

When The Weeknd released his first mixtape “House of Balloons” in 2011, his identity was largely mysterious. On Sunday he performed on one of the biggest stages in pop, the halftime show at the Super Bowl

The Weeknd, 30 year old Toronto singer and songwriter Abel Tesfaye, started his set in the stands and appeared in front of rows of lights to play Starboy and The Hills with a choir Then he moved into a hallway of lights and mirrors for “Can’t Feel My Face” as dancers with bandaged faces swarmed around him. With fireworks in the sky, he returned to the open air for “I Feel It Coming”, a big moon, that rose above the cityscape projected behind him

While a musician in a glittery mask strummed a guitar, the Weeknd turned to the more upbeat “Save Your Tears” and “Earned It” accompanied by strings and ended on a long, triumphant note. An army of performers who as the Weeknd Dance were equipped, marched across the field, and the singer sprinted energetically alongside them to ring in his grand finale: his latest hit “Blinding Lights,” an ecstatic, driving disco-pop song

The Weeknd has released four albums since 2013, including his 2015 breakthrough “Beauty Behind the Madness”. While promoting his latest LP, “After Hours”, he wears a black shirt and red jacket and an increasingly gaudy and connected one Face while telling a narrative in performances at the MTV Video Music Awards and American Music Awards, as well as late-night shows and music videos (He has said the character he is portraying is “having a really bad night,” and music videos are about possibly being overtaken by an evil spirit and committing murder)

The Weeknd’s halftime show faced a unique set of challenges due to the pandemic050 people worked on the show, a much smaller group than most years, and the prep included frequent virus testing and social distancing in production trailers.This is the second Super Bowl halftime show, partially produced by Jay-Z and Roc Nation: Im Last year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira played sets with lots of dance and Latin pride for fans who wedged themselves elbow to elbow on the field – a scenario that was impossible in this 2021

In a performance clearly designed for home use, the Weeknd focused all on the cameras. Behind him was a band and choir set in a neon cityscape, and often he was surrounded by dancers – hers Faces were linked, in keeping with the famously skeptical iconography of his recent music videos – but often the weeknd stood alone. His eye contact was intense. When he danced, he mostly did so in isolation, in the midst of a pyrotechnic affair, he was there, keeping his own time >

There couldn’t possibly be a more appropriate year for the Weeknd to host the halftime show: After nearly a year of avoiding other people, who better to set the terms of public engagement than pop music’s greatest recluse?

Just as quickly as the offensive raced on the field, the chiefs ‘journey came to a standstill, but Butker is back: He shoots a 52-yard field goal, his third game 3 points are enough to win the Chiefs’ boast get back? It may depend on whether your defense can stop here for a stop or two

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