The infrastructure company behind the Howard Springs quarantine facility near Darwin has drawn up a plan to build the Victorian government’s new quarantine village outside Melbourne in just four months at a cost of up to US $ 170 million -Dollars

A senior at US construction company Paul Clark said a 300-bed facility could be built at Avalon or Melbourne airports for as little as $ 45 to 60 million – it could be in four to six months or much earlier to be completed as part of a streamlined construction process, he said

A Victorian warehouse similar in size to the 850 unit Howard Springs facility would cost between $ 127 million and $ 170 million, although Mr Clark said cost efficiency could bring that price down

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said Tuesday his government plans to build a cabin accommodation hub to either replace or supplement the hotel quarantine system following recent COVID-19 leaks from Melbourne’s hotels

Victorian officials will travel to Howard Springs to inspect the motel-style facility that AECOM built as mining accommodation for about $ 400 million in 2012 for about $ 400 million.The Prime Minister has refused to speculate how much a bespoke Victoria site would cost or how long it would take to get it up and running

Mr. Clark, whose company has built temporary housing in immigration centers for the federal government, estimated that each quarantine shelter would cost between $ 150000 and 200Would cost $ 000

“Provided the land and materials are immediately available, we can install prefabricated housing units via plug and play The government is familiar with a flexible, collaborative procurement process The first beds could be available within eight to twelve weeks, ”he said

During about 39000 Australians awaiting their return from overseas, Andrews has indefinitely blocked international arrivals in Melbourne to ease the burden of a hotel quarantine system that was rolled back in December and allowed workers to contract three different outbreaks over the past month. p>
Avalon Airport, in particular, has improved its suitability for permanent establishment on its 1,000-plus acres of vacant land, the airport’s general manager Justin Giddings said the post-pandemic hub could be used to shelter international students and seasonal workers Quarantine and provide emergency shelters in the event of bush fires or other health crises

Jack Kerlin, a health leader at AECOM, said while a connection with a local health service would be critical for serious coronavirus cases, his company could refurbish collapsible equipment to function as on-site medical facilities

Mr Kerlin said the quarantine facility could be built in four to six months if the government, contractors and builders worked together, as they did early last year in converting the old Peter MacCallum cancer center in East Melbourne to a coronavirus-specific one Center happened was the hospital where AECOM worked

“It would normally have taken nine months. We did it in 12 weeks,” said Kerlin. “People worked around the clock – business was on two shifts, day and night, and my people worked on it at 2:00 am Sending documents The urgency of the situation brought us forward ”

Andrews said Wednesday the funding model for the new quarantine facility in Victoria has yet to be finalized and could include taxpayers money, the private sector and payments from returning Australians

“There are many different options. There might even be some input from the Commonwealth government, which is ultimately responsible for these matters,” he said in an overt blow against Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who said the federal government would be in control of them Do not accept international quarantine

Andrew’s quest for alternative forms of quarantine accommodation comes after an outbreak at the Melbourne Airport quarantine hotel, Holiday Inn, which entered the community and resulted in Melbourne being locked down for five days to contain the spread

This is followed by the suspension of hotel quarantine in Victoria for several months last year after the second wave of COVID-19 infections triggered by hotel leaks left Melbourne in lockdown for months and resulted in 768 deaths

Hotel quarantine was resumed after a commission of inquiry commissioned by Mr Andrews made a series of determinations about the system failure and recommendations on how to improve the system in December

Mr Clark said all schedules and costs depend on variables, including infrastructure like water and electricity, and the availability of local building materials

Victoria could benefit from a sharp drop in demand for accommodation in mining camps, which has cut the price of collapsible units, he said

“There is an opportunity to standardize the international quarantine facilities in all states,” he said, “We never thought that we would need a COVID facility in 2019. There will be a market for this type of accommodation in the future”

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