Bort Edwards, who grew up in Canberra and now lives in Washington, D C. Image: Bort Edwards

The US Capitol was quiet and surrounded by barriers when Bort Edwards rode his bike past it just hours before Trump supporters stormed the building on Wednesday

In the evening there was an eerie atmosphere in Washington, D, C. The curfew was followed by the uprising that temporarily prevented members of Congress from confirming Joe Biden’s election victory

Dr Edwards, who grew up in Canberra and works in the US capital, saw Trump supporters gather for their rally in the National Mall

Riding there out of curiosity, he saw no signs of violence and unrest that unfolded after returning home that morning

“I like to keep an eye on things and keep a finger on what’s going on,” said Dr Edwards

Before returning home, the rally appeared to be a peaceful event attended by families and children

It was clear, however, that the coverage of the subsequent violent unrest in the Capitol building at home was different from that of other protests in Washington, DC.

“Actually letting this happen is incredibly disturbing as there are some things you don’t do and this is more than a bridge too far. This has put people’s lives at risk, it has put the country’s reputation at risk” said Dr Edwards

He noticed emergency vehicles flying past his house, and after the Capitol stormed, Trump supporters walked through his neighborhood putting their hats and flags away

“My social media just exploded and all of my friends in DC. We just exchanged updates, anecdotes and twitter feeds and just tried to stay up to date, “said Dr Edwards

Its neighborhood, including a nearby thoroughfare lined with bars and restaurants, has been suppressed during the curfew that began at 6 p.m. on Wednesday

There was an atmosphere of tension and stress in the city that was unusual for Washington, D.C.

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World News – AU – “Incredibly unsettling”: Canberran is experiencing chaos in Washington, DC.