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“I’m the first woman in this office, but not the last. Because every little girl who watches tonight sees this is a land of opportunity”

So said Kamala Harris in November after she was elected the first female vice president of the US

On this International Women’s Day (8 We celebrate the groundbreaking achievements of women around the world who are now paving the way for these little girls to follow in their footsteps

When Harris on Jan. Laying her hand on the Bible on January 1, 2021, she made history on three counts: She was inducted as the first black woman, the first South Asian American, and the first female vice president.Before the pandemic, the lack of gender equality in politics meant that political empowerment created a gender gap 75% still had to be closed: by far the largest gap between the four sub-indices in the Global Gender Report 2020 of the World Economic Forum

Kamala Harris wasn’t the only woman to make history on Capitol Hill that day, while the stage was shared with 22-year-old Amanda Gorman, the first American youth poet to appear as the youngest female poet at an inauguration of the President Gorman made history again in February when she became the first female poet to appear in the Super Bowl and read her poem Chorus of the Captains on Aug. March she moderated a discussion on International Women’s Day between Hillary Clinton and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

Less than a week after Harris was recorded across the Atlantic, Kaja Kallas became Estonia’s first female prime minister. The country now has both a prime minister and a president

On 1 In February, Zara Mohammed became the first woman and, at 29, the youngest person to be elected Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, the country’s largest Muslim agency. She hoped this would encourage women to take on leadership roles: “I think Women are sometimes reluctant to assume leadership roles even though they are more than qualified to do so””

The Super Bowl took place on Jan. February saw a series of female premieres with Amanda Gorman being the first female poet and Sarah Thomas being the first woman to officiate as umpire, while Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistants Maral Javadifar and Lori Locust were the first female coach to train a Super Bowl title won Thomas said: “I never set out to be the first, but I know the impact I have not only on my daughter, but on young girls, women everywhere – and also on young men and men – remarkable”

If Bumble Inc The managing director listed the social media and dating platform on Nov. February, she carried her one-year-old son – and became the youngest founder to list a US company at the age of 31. She told CNBC, “This is just meant to serve as an example that anything is possible, and I’m delighted I am very excited to pass the baton to the next woman who surpasses me as the youngest woman ”

The 11 February was also a landmark day for progress on gender equality in the Roman Catholic Church. French sister Nathalie Becquart, known as the “Sailing Nun” for her love of seafaring and nautical imagery, became Pope Francis’ first wife Appointed as Undersecretary of State of the Synod of Bishops This means that she will have voting rights in the assemblies that many women have called for. “This is a very courageous sign and a very prophetic decision from Pope Francis,” she told reporters indicates a specific change ”

On 15 In February, the former finance minister in Nigeria was unanimously elected as the new director general by the 164 members of the World Trade Organization This made her the first woman and the first African woman to hold this post. Okonjo-Iweala takes over in a challenging time for the WTO

The World Economic Forum has been measuring gender-specific differences in the annual Global Gender Gap Report

since 2006

The Global Gender Gap Report tracks the progress made in closing gender-specific gaps at the national level. In order to translate these findings into concrete measures and national progress, we have developed the “Closing the Gender Gap Accelerators” model for public-private cooperation

These accelerators were convened in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Peru in cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2019, Egypt became the first country in the Middle East and Africa to launch an accelerator to close the gender gaps while meanwhile more women than men are enrolled at the university, women in Egypt only make up just over a third of professional and technical workers. Women who are gainfully employed are also less often paid the same as their male colleagues for work of equal value or for management positions

France became the second G20 country to introduce a Gender Gap Accelerator, signaling that developed countries also play an important role in leading this approach to closing the gender gap

In these countries, CEOs and ministers are working on strategies within three years that will help to further close the economic gender gaps in their countries.This includes extended parental leave, subsidized childcare and the elimination of unconscious biases in recruitment, retention and administration Promotion Practices

If you are a company in one of the countries that are closing the Gender Gap Accelerator, you can join the local membership base if you are a company or government in a country that does not currently have an accelerator for closing the gender gaps there, you can contact us to explore ways of setting up one

Seiko Hashimoto, Japan’s former Olympic Minister, took over the helm of the next Olympic Games as Tokyo 2020 President after her predecessor Yoshiro Mori resigned after commenting on women talking too much Only five of the 24 members of the Japanese Olympic Committee are women. Hashimoto is a seven-time Olympic champion and won a bronze medal for speed skating in 1992 (picture)

When their oars on 20 Touched the coast of Antigua on February 7th after 70 days at sea, 21-year-old Jasmine Harrison was the youngest woman to row alone across the Atlantic

At the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. In February, Zhao became the first Asian woman and only the second woman to win the Best Director award for her film Nomadland. Barbra Streisand, the first woman to win the award, congratulated Beijing-born Zhao on Twitter, saying, “It it’s time! ”

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Research shows that many women tend to take on roles that pay less per hour than men, such as: B. Nursing work, education, bank clerks, accounting and payroll

Giving women equal rights and wages is key to fighting gender equality and promoting economic recovery from COVID-19, World Bank experts write

International Women’s Day 2021

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